Archive now compatible with PHP 8.0.

You guys, I am so happy right now, like more than I can explain. I just updated eFiction to work with php 8.0. I am not actually a programmer or computer person my trade; I’m a medical scientist. I am more a early adapter, brute force, how do I make this work, and why are you messing with my software kind of girl. I was really worried that the archive (that I was just started to work on again) was going to have to go away, because there isn’t much software of that kind around any more.

I fixed it, ya’ll, I fixed it.

I so proud of me. Share in my joy and go forth to read stuff.



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One Reply to “Archive now compatible with PHP 8.0.”

  1. Wow, what a blast from the past this site it! I’m glad to see it’s still alive!

    As a heads up, your discord link isn’t working anymore. Looks like the invite expired.

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