New Looks

So, I have been busy over the last few weeks, updating files, rewriting script, even making new responsive skins for the archive to make it as accessible as possible. I have loved having the support of you guys cheering me on from the background, It has made this a very worthwhile endeavor.

Also, we have a discord. People have joined, but it’s kind of quiet over there. Feel free to jump in at any point. If the (invite) link at the top of the page expires again, just give me a nudge, and I’ll update it.

Happy to see people enthusiastic about the archive and Stargate!


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5 Replies to “New Looks”

  1. Hi, I would love to join the discord, if you are able to update the expired invite link. I loved this archive back in the day and had no idea it was back up and running. Thanks so much.

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