Reviews For Sam's POV

Name: Adelie King (Signed) · Datum: 2011.11.13 17:40 · Für: Chapter 1

Author's Response: Thanks Adelie, now that my muse is feeling better, there could be more.

Name: awishaway (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.11.13 10:23 · Für: Chapter 1
Love it so far can not wait to get Jacks response to the letter

Author's Response: Thank you awishaway for the review, I will do a Jack's POV later when I have finished something else. 

Name: Lynn0319 (Signed) · Datum: 2011.11.13 09:09 · Für: Chapter 1

Wonderful solo fic, as I am huge fan of you collaborated stories with Ziva as well. I would really love to read more, so please keep writing and add on to this one as I can only imagine the possibilites :)

Author's Response: Thanks Lynn, was very nervous doing it without Z, but I will write some more solo ones and hopefully co-author ones with Z.

Name: ziva (Signed) · Datum: 2011.11.12 11:39 · Für: Chapter 1
I always said you had what it takes to write on your own. Now that you have an audience, you had better get busy.  ;)  And remember, it gets easier.  xo z

Author's Response: Couldn't have done it without your help, you are my inspiration. Are you sure that it gets easier? Thanks mate.

Name: samcarter (Signed) · Datum: 2011.11.12 10:24 · Für: Chapter 1
more more more please Pauline. That was a great short story so please write more or write another chapter love to see what Jack response is hehehehe

Author's Response: Hi Samcarter, took a bit of persueding but Ziva nagged me to do it, glad that you liked it.  Actually now that you have mentioned it perhaps a Jack's POV could be managed.  Got something else I am doing now just now, but will do.

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