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Kapitel Bemerkung: This is my first solo story, my thanks to my good friend Ziva for all her encouragement and help.
Samís POV

While Sam was waiting for her experiment to finish, her mind started wondering about something important, and for once it was not work-related.

Would she ever have someone to love and have a family with? She was so very lonely, when she shut her door at night there was no one there to welcome her, so she stayed on base as much as possible; at least here at the SGC she had friends who stopped by to see her, but otherwise her life was empty. Sure she had Daniel and Tealíc her team mates, but Daniel was like a younger brother to her. And TealícÖ well, he was like a big brother on steroids. She knew that both men would do anything for her, but they couldnít give her the type of love she craved.

And then there was Colonel Jack OíNeill, her CO, her mentor. She knew without a doubt that she loved him very much and at one time she thought he loved her back. But over the years he had become distant. He had stopped flirting with her, and recently he hadnít even asked her to go fishing with him. Every night she dreamed of him, of making love with him, of waking up with him, lying in blissfully his arms. She even fantasised about what their children would look like. Hell, she didnít even know if he wanted children!

Sam had tried not to dwell on how different her life could be if it wasnít for the regs, but on this particular night a question was keeping her from concentrating on her work; should she tell him how she felt about him?

Suddenly she had a thought, she wasnít very good at expressing her feelings in words, especially face to face, but maybe she could write him a letter! And so she opened her personal computer and began to type.

Dear Jack

You are probably wondering why I am writing you a letter, it is easier if I donít see you while I am telling you that I love you, have since I first met you. I know all about the regs. But I just have to tell you. Dare I hope that you return my love? I am going out of my mind with not being able to touch you, love you, and have children with you. Each day it just gets worse. Would it be better for all concerned if I put in for a transfer? I pray you will reply one way or the other.

Love always Sam.

Suddenly Sam heard the pinging of the timer telling her that her experiment was ready. She quickly put the letter in her drawer. She would deal with it another day.

The End or is it?

Watch this space!
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