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Last Database Backup - 17 March 2014 @ 20:07 PDT

No Place Like Home

I'm in a tough spot right now, and could use some help financially, both with the site fees and in general. The server fees for Heliopolis are due this week.

We ended up in a strange situation, as far as our house. We rented our house (with the intention of buying it) from a coworker who was moving out of the area. We didn't know that she didn't actually own the house, and only had a lease contract herself. In effect, we were subleasing and didn't know it. She (the former coworker) defaulted on her agreement, and then left us swinging in the middle, without even a phone call.

The lady who owned the house seemed nice enough, but wants to sell the house we are living in. We really need to be out ASAP. It's really hard to find some place, and manage deposits and all of that stuff, when you weren't expecting it. We are trying to even find a travel trailer (though not the best option for Northeast Oregon winters) or a similar option that we can pick up quickly and hopefully inexpensively. I really need to be into something else before the first of the month.

If this ends up being an issue where I lose my internet connection, I'll let you know, but I can connect at work, and I finally joined the current times and have a smart phone.


Lyssa : 15 Aug 14
Downtime Explanation

I received a question today about the server downtime and what happened and why. I am sorry about what happened. We were with out previous host on a VPS for several years. I kept getting several e-mails a month that we had exceeded our allotted resources and should increase our package. I would, and it would work for a while, but then would happen again. I kept increasing our allotment to keep up with the demands, but the price was becoming prohibitive.

I finally decided to make the shift to a complete dedicated server. I am hoping that this will solve the problem. It is a bit more expensive, and there was a bit of a learning curve involved, as the software is all new to me, and all of the server, database and file location information had to be updated. This is also why the email was down, and I couldn't be contacted.

I lost some of my personal files, but all of Heliopolis seems to be intact from the last update on March 17.

Thank you for your concern and continued interest.

Lyssa : 07 Apr 14

New Server

We have moved. We are now with a new hosting company (Codero) on a bigger server. I apologize for the downtime. There was a bit of a hassle moving things over. I tried to do it all before the old server was disconnected, but that didn't work out so well, and I had to start over. And then I spent almost a week chasing around a stupid bug that I should have seen in 5 minutes. I blame the craziness at work (or, you know, transient idiocy) I worked overnight, swing and morning shifts last week. (I hate those weeks).

Anyway, everything should be back up and running smoothly. Please let me know what isn't working.

Lyssa : 07 Apr 14
Update this weekend

Major Update happening this weekend, including upgrading php version, hunting down the server error on the viewstory.php page, and others. Contact me with your updates by Saturday, please.

Lyssa : 17 Dec 13

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