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Autor: Achaea
Eingestuft: 13+ [Reviews - 0]
Inhalt: Jack makes an unpleasant discovery that could jeopardize his ability to lead SG1.
Kategorien: Gen - Team Based, Team - Seasons 1-5, 7-8
Charaktere: Daniel Jackson, Gen. Hammond, Jack O'Neill, Janet Frasier, Other Characters, Samantha Carter, Tealc
Episode Related: 0301 Into the Fire
Genres: Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene/Epilogue
Holiday: None
Season: Season 3
Warnings: language, violence
Crossovers: None
Herausforderungen: None
Serie: None
Kapitel: 1 | Abgeschlossen: Yes | Wörter: 31958 | Gelesen: 2054
Veröffentlicht: 2007.11.26 | Aktualisiert: 2007.11.26

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