Reviews For JACK'S POV

Name: samcarter (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.11.29 16:46 · Für: Chapter 1
swoon *sigh*  more please

Author's Response: Thanks Samcarter, I need the encouragement LOL, doing another Captain Jack story just now, but will continue later.

Name: Adelie King (Signed) · Datum: 2011.11.28 20:43 · Für: Chapter 1
I love both of these very sweet and romantic please continue

Author's Response: Thanks Adelie, just feeling my feet, my first solo's. I think I prefer Co-authoring with Ziva, she gives me confidence. You are the only that I can respond to, it won't work for anuone else.

Name: Lynn0319 (Signed) · Datum: 2011.11.26 09:21 · Für: Chapter 1
Oh please let there be more so these two can finally be together :)

Author's Response: Thank you Lynn for the review, I will have to see if I can get them together.

Name: Patricia (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.11.25 19:18 · Für: Chapter 1
Must be just the beginning!  Sounds like a fabulous beginning to a lovely story!

Author's Response: Nice of you to review Patricia, see what I can do !

Name: ziva (Signed) · Datum: 2011.11.25 16:43 · Für: Chapter 1
I am so happy to be the first to review this.  YES! This is precisely what our Jack would have/should have done!  I can just see his untidy hair all ruffled, and his beautiful hands tinkering with yo-yo and other things on his desk. The mention of the broken Play Station was brilliant!  Keep on writing like this, and we other writers will have to work twice as hard to keep up with you.  Well done, my friend!

Author's Response: Thank you my dear friend for those kind words.  Wouldn't have written anything without you !

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