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ZOMG, this is truly coincidental; I log onto Helio2 to check out your fic, and the first story I click leads to ICE RINK PORN! Right after we'd been talking about hockey! LOL

I also love  the detail about Arthur Evans's Scripta Minoa (I'm a sucker for authors who care enough about researching archaeology to gain insight into Daniel's character) plus the wonderful detail about the Atlantis stone he got for Vala months ahead of time, before admitting that he's in love. Sweet.

“Uh-uh…Santa came last night…” 
Several times…Santa wants to come again this morning…”   

I love that dialog. It totally makes up for my knee-jerk reluctance to read Holiday Fluff. This story rises above the crowd because it's comfortably romantic and delightfully raunchy. (Way better than that silly movie "Under the Mistletoe". LOL)

I am so reccing this December 2010 at Daniel_Vala on LJ if you don't post it there or in your LJ first!

Author's Response:

I've read Scripta Minoa.  I wonder if that would turn Daniel on?  The sad thing for poor Arthur Evans is that he continued to believe the Minoans conquered the Mycenaens for his entire life even though it was the other way around.  A first edition, signed copy of the book would go for around 2 grand though.  Holiday fluff is one of my favs to read since it is invariably happy. 

 Thanks for the review!

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