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Reviews For The Conception 'verse series

Reviewer: Kimkim Signed Date: 2014.01.07 7:30 Title: The Conception

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Reviewer: alilu Signed Date: 2012.12.11 5:17 Title: Admissions

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Reviewer: alilu Signed Date: 2012.11.26 2:56 Title: Admissions

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Reviewer: Lionel Signed Date: 2012.10.09 9:35 Title: Admissions

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Reviewer: Lionel Signed Date: 2012.10.09 8:45 Title: Admissions

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Reviewer: scarletwitch0 Signed Date: 2008.06.09 22:11 Title: Admissions

Heh. Maybe Teyla might jump him in the shower. Then he'll see how strong human women can be. BTW, it seems I'm the only one commenting. I hope you don't mind. I really am intrigued by this story and want to comment on each chapter. Carry on!

Author's Response:

LOL!  I think he knows how strong Teyla is from sparring with her when they turned him into a human the first time, but I think, being that he doesn't have any experience with pregnant human women, that he'd be surprised that she still retain some of her strength.  Did you see Rachel's arms in The Kindred when she was in that Athosian maternity dress talking to Sam?  OMG!  I never looked that good when I was pregnant, LOL!  *is a bit jealous*

Oh, please continuing commenting!  I really enjoy all of your reviews and feedback lets me know what everyone does/doesn't like with what I'm doing.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to review the story!  Thank you so much for doing so on every chapter!  I always get excited when I see one!  *hugs* 

Reviewer: scarletwitch0 Signed Date: 2008.06.07 12:17 Title: Admissions

Nice update. This is turning into a nice AU. Teyla is having conflictual feelings and I look foward to future updates on how this will be resloved.

Author's Response: Thanks! I was kinda nervous about this chapter, but was told that Teyla wasn't too much out of character, so I'm really glad that you think it was okay, also! I've been kinda under the weather, so I haven't been able to start the next chapter, but I'm hoping to do so here within the next few days. I'm hoping that it'll be interesting. I know how it's going to go, but my muse has a way of doing things in a way that I hadn't been originally planning, LOL. Thank you so much for all the great reviews! I really appreciate your input and support!

Reviewer: scarletwitch0 Signed Date: 2008.06.04 2:15 Title: Admissions

Thank you for the update. Very nice easing into an amicable situation between them. Teyla has a lot of work ahead of her to forgive Michael and he has alot of work ahead of him to do penance. Reminds me of the 8th (?) step in AA, where you have to do restition for past infractions to loved ones.

Author's Response: I like the AA analogy! That is very good! I'm glad that you're still enjoying the story! I hope to have the next chapter posted either later on today or early tomorrow. I'm nervous about it as I had some trouble keeping Teyla in character. I'm going to wait and see if a few people think that it's okay before I post it. I hope you like that one as well! Thank you so much for all the awesome reviews!

Reviewer: scarletwitch0 Signed Date: 2008.06.03 10:39 Title: Admissions

Thanks for the previous comment and the update. Such anguish and angst. Poor Teyla and Michael. I know they will eventually get their act together, but it's painful to watch in the meantime. I can't wait to see how you resolve the issues between them.

Author's Response: Thank you! I figured that there would need to be a lot of angst because of everything that each of them had been through already. I'm really glad that you're enjoying it! I'm going to post the next chapter for you now! I hope you enjoy it as well!

Reviewer: scarletwitch0 Signed Date: 2008.06.01 1:02 Title: Admissions

I didn't take to opportunity to tell you how much I am enjoying this series. I read the first one and I am glad you are continuing it. I am a die-hard Teyla/John fan, but the concept of Teyla/Michael fasinates me, especially since I noticed the chemistry between them on the show. Looking foward to an update.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you so much! I take it as a major compliment that you're enjoying the story though it is not you ship of choice! I just updated chapter two! I hope you like it!

Reviewer: Jordan Signed Date: 2008.05.06 13:24 Title: The Conception

Wow, very interesting twist. So Tayla's baby would be Michael's, nicely done.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you very much! I glad that you enjoyed it!

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