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Stories by Beatrice Otter

A Child of Athos by Beatrice Otter

Rated: FAM • 1 Reviews
Summary: These are the stories Teyla tells her son.

In a Strange Land by Beatrice Otter

Rated: FAM • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: “I had not understood,” Teyla says at last. “What a world could be like that did not face culling.”

Smooth by Beatrice Otter

Rated: FAM • 0 Reviews
Summary: What Rod didn't notice at the time

Arrows by Beatrice Otter

Rated: 13+ • 1 Reviews
Summary: A mission gone wrong

Adrift by Beatrice Otter

Rated: 13+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: To fly a Wraith hive ship, you must be a Wraith. Teyla learns how.

Scribbles by Beatrice Otter

Rated: GEN • 3 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: What Kaleb Miller thinks about his wife's math and the events of McKay and Mrs. Miller. Note that Jeannie is the one who calls it 'scribbles.'

What She Wants by Beatrice Otter

Rated: 13+ • 2 Reviews
Summary: Crossover with Buffy. Faith gets what she wants, and she wants Rodney

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