Alisa - The College Years von LE McMurray

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Kapitel Bemerkung: Thanks to Stonedtoad for betaing.
This is the actual sequel to Alisa, it will follow a similar pattern as the original but as I can’t use all the episodes there won’t be as many chapters but I’m hoping to add interludes that aren’t connected to the episodes.
“Thanks, Sergeant,” Alisa smiled at the man who dropped the final box in the corner of her new room, her new home.

“Miss McKay,” he gave her a nod before leaving.

Alisa nodded back before she turned and surveyed the mess in front of her. She had four hours to get it sorted before Kirsty joined her which also gave her four hours to get everything sorted with JD about her security arrangements. It amused her no end that she had to have security arrangements, her life was so strange now.

“Nice,” JD said as he stepped into the room, “Big mess but nice.”

“Since you’re here,” Alisa beamed sweetly at him, “You can give me a hand.”

JD grimaced, “Dammit.”

About two hours later they were standing in the middle of Alisa’s clean room, everything was stored away and they’d managed to set aside an emergency kit for her in case anything happened.

“Okay,” JD grabbed the seat at her desk, “Time to go over the ground rules.”

Alisa sat cross-legged on her bed and waited, “Okay.”

“Basically you go nowhere without telling me,” JD said, “Any nights out are strictly monitored, especially dates.”


“If you’re dating,” JD told her sternly, “Then he needs to be checked out.”

“Was this my Dad’s idea?” Alisa demanded.

JD chuckled before continuing, “You’ll have a panic button and you will keep it with you at all times – no excuses. I also have a receiver for your locator which means no matter what you can’t hide from me.”

“Anything else?” she asked trying not to sound sarcastic but failing.

JD shook his head, “For now that’s all. Let’s go eat.”

Alisa glanced out the window and smiled as she saw Kirsty getting out the car with her parents carrying a box as they headed up to the room. She’d gone over this moment in her head several times and was looking forward to seeing her friend again after such a long time, the only thing bothering her right now was the fact Kirsty had a tendency to want to know what Alisa had been doing in the years she’d been away.

“Alisa,” Dianne greeted her warmly as she opened the door – Alisa had decided to forewarn Dianne that she was going to college with Kirsty, “It’s so good to see you.”

Smiling Alisa stepped forward and hugged the woman who had dispensed motherly advice to her for years, as well as a lot of punishments when Alisa had misbehaved, “Good to see you too.”

“Oh my God!!!”

Alisa grinned as her friend appeared in the doorway and squealed in surprise, “Hey.”

Kirsty grabbed her friend in a tight embrace, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m your roommate,” Alisa spread her arms out, “Surprise.”

“No?” Kirsty beamed, “That’s fantastic. What about your dad, I thought you were going to stay with him?”

“I decided it was time to leave,” Alisa shrugged; she looked at the boxes, “We should get you settled.”

They quickly got Kirsty’s belongings sorted and made their goodbyes to Kirsty’s parents. As they were thinking about going to get food a knock at the door made Alisa wince, this was going to be interesting.

“Hi?” Kirsty said as she opened the door to JD.

JD quickly studied the other teenager girl before he looked over at Alisa, “Need to talk to you now. My room.”

With that said he disappeared and Kirsty turned to Alisa, a question in her eyes.

“Friend,” Alisa explained quickly with an apologetic shrug, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“You seriously need to work on your people skills,” Alisa said as she walked into JD’s room without bothering to knock, “Kirsty is going to be around a lot and I’d like her to at least pass on any messages from you.”

JD frowned at her before he closed the door and sighed, “I need you to stay calm.”

“Oh crap,” Alisa groaned, “What have they done now?”

“Alisa,” JD hesitated wondering how to tell her this, it had only been a short time since she’d left her father, “We can’t find Atlantis.”

Alisa grimaced slightly as she tried to work out what he’d just told her, “Okay, how do you lose an entire city? Especially a city of that size?”

JD shrugged.

“You’ve lost the city a few days after I left,” Alisa groaned, “How useless are you people?”

“We’ve got the best person on the job,” JD assured her.

Alisa folded her arms across her chest, “Like who?”


“Oh good,” a false smile crossed Alisa’s face, “Carthorse is in charge of rescuing my family. Wonderful.”

JD stared at her confused, “You don’t like Carter?”

“What gave it away?” Alisa forced her hand through her hair, “I don’t trust her. She’s obviously had far too many people kissing her ass for far too many years when she obviously doesn’t deserve it.”

“Carter has saved a lot of people’s lives,” JD reminded her, becoming protective of his former team-mate.

“So’s my dad,” Alisa retorted, “He’ll get them back safely.”

“I’m in touch with Landry constantly until we find them,” JD promised her, “I’ll let you know the moment I hear anything.”

Alisa nodded before she headed back to her room.


“Are you okay?” Alisa demanded as her father appeared on the screen before her a few days later, she was sitting in JD’s room where they’d set up the contact via the SGC.

Rodney nodded but his face betrayed his lie, “I’m in one piece.”

“What about everyone else?” Alisa asked, when her father dropped his head she knew something was wrong, “Dad, what happened?”

Rodney let out a long sigh, “We lost Elizabeth. She sacrificed herself so we could save the city.”

“What?” horror filled her voice, “I...but...” she took a few deep breaths closing her eyes to centre herself before looking back at him, “Anyone else?”

“A couple more,” he replied, “But Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla are fine, so is Radek though he’s in the infirmary just now.”

“That’s good,” Alisa whispered, still reeling from the news of Elizabeth’s loss.

“I have to go. There’s a lot of things to do,” Rodney said softly, “Are you okay, Lissa?”

“Yeah,” she gave him a weak smile, “JD’s here. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Rodney nodded, “I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Bye, Dad,” Alisa gave him another smile as the screen went blank.

As she sat staring at the blank screen JD’s face appeared and he gently closed the laptop. Without a word he sat at her side and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, Alisa turned taking comfort from him as she cried for the loss of the woman she had admired and looked up to for so many years.


JD stood waiting for Alisa to appear after her lecture, they were going to go over the schedule Landry had given him for Alisa working at the SGC. The past few weeks had been pretty tense as the city was lost, losing Weir and then Carter getting the top job in Atlantis. He thought that the teenager was going to burst a blood vessel as she ranted on that decision – Alisa was taking it as the ultimate insult that they put Carter in charge.

But now he was feeling that things were settling and hopefully they’d get into a proper routine of sorts.

“I’ll see you tonight then,” Alisa said to another girl as she left the room, spotting JD she smiled, “Hey.”

“Hey,” he replied, starting them walking, “Tonight?”

Alisa winced slightly, “Kirsty and I have been invited to a party. It’s at Kappa gamma something or other.”

“And you were going to tell me when?”

Alisa frowned, “When I saw you since I just got invited,” she retorted, “This is the first party I’ve been invited to and if you stop me there’s going to be questions from Kirsty and...” she trailed off and grimaced, “You’re playing me aren’t you?”

JD chuckled, “I’m going anyway. Just remember you’re too young to drink.”

“Oh please,” Alisa waved him away, “Drinking makes you lose brain cells and even if I do have more than most I may need every single one of them to save the Universe some day.”

JD chuckled to himself, she was a McKay alright.

“Kirsty, if you don’t hurry up I’m going to do something nasty to your computer,” Alisa called to her friend who was still fixing her hair.

“I’m coming,” Kirsty appeared, “Worried someone will nab JD’s attention before we get there?”

Alisa stared at her confused, “What?”

“The amount of time you spend around him,” Kirsty teased, “The excuses to go to his room, I know you, Alisa – you like him.”

“And you have the completely wrong idea,” Alisa told her room-mate, “JD’s a friend.”

Kirsty let out an amused snort, “Well, if you don’t want him, can I?”

Alisa shook her head and started out the room, “That’s just disturbing in so many ways. Let’s go.”

JD smiled as he sat chatting to some brunette who had just taken up residence beside him. He’d placed himself in a spot where he could keep an eye on Alisa as well as watch the door. She looked great in her black denims and red top, her blonde hair clasped up out of her sparkling blue eyes. She was laughing as she danced with her friends, looking as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Every so often, looking over to the guy who’d been flirting with her when she’d grabbed a soda and smiling at him.

JD knew how hard it was for her to relax in this world where she had to be protected at all times, where she couldn’t just go for a walk without telling him where she was going and who she was going with. He had to admit when he woke up to find he wasn’t himself any more he’d never imagined he’d end up acting as bodyguard to a smart-mouthed civilian genius...again. The only differences between now and then was that the genius was a girl, though Alisa’s hair was shorter than Daniel’s had been when they first met, and not an archaeologist.

Taking a sip of his drink JD relaxed back to enjoy his night.
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