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Finding Closure by Rocza

Rated: GEN • 0 Reviews
Summary: Updated first 11 chapters-Lt Ford has been missing for over a year. No one will tell the family anything beyond ‘Missing In Action-Presumed Dead’ and ‘I’m sorry.’ President Hayes intervenes and instigates a special investigation into the Lieutenant’s status.

Wosrt Faer, Real Pain. by Adi-Arty

Rated: MA • 0 Reviews
Summary: Rodney is taken by the man he hates to most, and is posed infront of his team....the team's worst fear is coming true, can Rodney last with out them...

The Little Things in Life by T L Kay

Rated: GEN • 0 Reviews
Summary: John and his team have to deal with a "little" problem. Missing Episode/AU in season 3

Summary sucks, but didn't know how not to give stuff away

Trust by T L Kay

Rated: FAM • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar
Summary: The team gets a tip from the Genii about an interesting find on a nearby planet. But what they find when they get there is nowhere near what they expected. They are subsequently led on an unbelievable mission that could possibly bring them to new allies.

The Other Sheppard by T L Kay

Rated: GEN • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: The Atlantis team gets a new member who turns out to be a blast from John's past.

The Passage of NIlor by Twobits

Rated: 13+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: A Passage or Mega stargate that can move the large Cityships of the Ancients from one Galaxy to another has been found. The Wraith want it and so do the SGC. Sam tries to take several Cityships from the Replicators as well as the ZPM's that they need.

Devolution by T L Kay

Rated: GEN • 1 Reviews
Summary: McKay is in an accident offworld that yields some interesting consequences.

Strangers in Paradise by Karrenia

Rated: FAM • 1 Reviews
Summary: AU, the Earth and our universe went boom and the last best refuge is the Atlantis base on the other side of the Stargate. Crossover with Highlander: the Series.

Elements by Kylie Lee

Rated: FAM • 0 Reviews
Summary: Earth, air, fire, and water.

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