John Sheppard [10]
Aiden Ford [1]
Steven Caldwell [0]
Rodney McKay [21]
Carson Beckett [1]
Laura Cadman [2]
Teyla Emmagan [6]
Evan Lorne [2]
Elizabeth Weir [1]
Radek Zelenka [0]
Other Characters [10]
Ronon Dex [2]

Other Results: 1 Series


Shouldn't Come As A Surprise by Dr_Dredd

Rated: GEN • 1 Reviews
Summary: How did Jennifer know that Rodney visits Carson? Spoilers for The Seed.

Jennifer Has Big News by sadiekate

Rated: FAM • 2 Reviews
Summary: Jennifer has life changing news for Rodney. How will he react?

A Difficult Situation by Mickey

Rated: GEN • 0 Reviews
Summary: "He shot himself." John remained silent. He knew whom Rodney was talking about; he just didn't know what to say to that.

Sorry, Big Man by Dr_Dredd

Rated: GEN • 1 Reviews
Summary: Ronon ponders the meaning of loss. Spoilers for Kindred II.

What Can Never Be by T L Kay

Rated: FAM • 11 Reviews
Summary: two friends must say goodbye to their friendship, and to the love that could never be...

The Other Sheppard by T L Kay

Rated: GEN • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: The Atlantis team gets a new member who turns out to be a blast from John's past.

Mail Call by Denise

Rated: FAM • 4 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Sam, the new commander of the city, gets a package in the mail

The Puddle Jumper Two by Denise

Rated: GEN • 0 Reviews
Summary: Sam and Teyla have an adventure

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