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Welcome to Heliopolis.

We are a huge, multi-author, Stargate SG-1 fan fiction site. This is a gen archive, meaning we do not host adult or slash stories here. Please visit Heliopolis 2: Stargate SG-1 Adult Fan Fiction Archive or Area 52: the HKH Standard (The Stargate Sg-1 Slash Archive), respectively, for these. We currently have over 9,000 stories in our archive. Helio: Atlantis - SGA Fan Fiction Archive is also available.

The stories in this archive are fan fiction based on the television series Stargate SG-1. This archive strives to be a central depository for generalĀ  SG-1 fan fiction on the Internet. While this archive is for general fic, and does not contain adult material, please read all warnings and disclaimers associated with each story and make your choices wisely.

My name is Lyssa, and I am the webmistress of this site, since February 2003. I welcome your comments and suggestions. You can contact me at: webmistress@sg1-heliopolis.com

Helio News

Beta Testing

I have preliminary versions of the websites active. Not all of the files/stories are connected/online and I don't know if I will ever be able to reproduce what went before as much was lost. I have things working to the best of my ability, if some of you guys want to try it out and leave feedback.
von Lyssa am 2023.01.24 21:28

We have winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Heliopolis Raffle, and thank you to those who entered and/or provided support.

steadfast will be receiving a copy of Stargate:Ark of Truth.
Pologetix will be receiving a pre-ordered copy of Stargate: Continuum.
Rocza will be receiving copies of Macgyver Season 1 and 2 on (used) DVD.

Congratulations, guys!

von Lyssa am 2008.06.17 01:07

Contest Winners

There were 12 stories written by 10 authors for the December 2007 Fic Contest. Of those, 4 were first place winners.

SG-1 Christmas: New Cultural Experiences by CamShaft & Christmas on Stand-by by Geonn
SG-1 Rewrite: New Beginnings by smileybug_gater
Atlantis: Fortune's Favor by Offworlder

All winners (in the US) will receive a pre-ordered copy of Stargate SG-1 - The Ark of Truth, if they wish. Prizes for those who live outside the US, or who do not wish to receive the movie will be announced. Also, because there were so few entries to the contest, the six remaining authors will be eligible to receive a smaller prize also to be announced. I will be contacting all eligible authors by e-mail to sort out your choices and shipping information.

von Lyssa am 2008.01.17 11:07

Featured Stories

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Christmas on Stand-by by Geonn FAM
Winner of the "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" Challenge for the...
New Beginnings by smileybug_gater FAM
Winner of the Unending/Episode Rewrite challenge for the December 2007 fic challenge...

Random Story

friend, the soulmate, the lover, The by AthenajawbreakerchickPaisleychick FAM
Sam grieves and reflects in the aftermath of daniel's departure

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