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STORY PROGRESS: I try to blog my story progress for any WIP at http://www.myspace.com/roczadeb. If you have questions, they are most likely to be answered there. Thanks.

WHO AM I? Stargate Addict and USAF Military Mom (meaning Mom in the military, not mother of, my oldest is only 9 for crying out loud.). Married to Skypig (Security Forces - i.e. disposable gate room guard). I like ship and UST. I HATE bad formatting. I'll read anything once, and good stuff until I have it memorized. Rabid Sam/Jack fan. Most of my fics are Jack-centric because I can relate to him. Like-wise with Sam. Daniel, not so much. And Teal'c... well, he is an alien. Do any of us truly understand him? My muse is picky so any plot bunnies you have are welcome. My only Atlantis story is really a General Jack story. Sorry, but that episode was better for including classic Jack. I hope to see more of him in the films. Enjoy!

UPDATED UNDER PROTEST - My husband, AKA Skypig, protests the use of the word 'disposable' in my above description. A direct quote, "We are not ensign or 2Lt's. We are highly trained monkeys with M-4's and bells performing a vital Air Force mission." Unfortunately, he failed to clarify if that mission was in fact 'securing unsecure items', 'making sure the airplanes don't walk away,' or 'ensuring everyone but the base commander follows the on-base traffic laws.' So to any other Black Sheep out there, sorry, I didn't mean disposable, I meant indispensible. Keep up the good work! And can I please have my on-base driving privileges restored? Thanks.

Most of my stories are listed here a Heliopolis or at Helio2 for the adult stuff. However, I also have a story posted only to the Jack Fic Online-Zine (Jack Fic-A-Thon at Jackfic.net). I can't post it here for one year. I also post everything at Jackfic.net and FanFiction.net.


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Stories by Rocza

Tears of Aphrodite by Rocza

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Summary: What is a queen to do when she has to choose between violating her people’s most sacred law and possibly destroying the only chance for the salvation of her people and redemption for her soul?

Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed by Rocza

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Summary: Sam has a dream. When she wakes up, she finds that she has been 'Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed.'

Another Late Night At the SGC by Rocza

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Summary: Why does Captain Carter like to work so late? One-shot