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i first heard of stargate sg-1 during it's fourth season, watching a few eps, i was like "oh my god, i love this" i ordered all past seasons and watched them back to back. a HUGGGGGE s/j shipper i want sam and jack to reunite in the dvd movies!!

right now the boring stuff...

i am 18 years old, i am currently taking my final year in a-levels (biology, physics, english, psychology and sociology)

i have blue eyes and blonde hair...well it is originally blonde but recently dyed purple!!

i love to read especially sci-fi and crime.

i like music- punk, rock, etc

i have two younger sisters who i have converted to stargate sg1 and my 8year old sister is in love with teal'c and one day wants to marry him! :)


that is all i have to say........

.......oh.....i also love farscape and, damn the people who cancelled it!!

finally i really like this site and think the stories are fantastic.


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