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Phantom Pains by squibalicous

Rated: 13+ • 1 Reviews starstar
Summary: A glimpse into Daniel's life during the alternate timeline Earth in Continuum. Daniel/OC, hints of Daniel/Vala. Continuum spoiler.  06/20/09 update: the timeline is fixed, but lives still intersect... tiny bit of J/S

The Path of U'ki'ut'l by squibalicous

Rated: MA • 10 Reviews


 The sequel to Had I not seen the Sun. Dr Samantha Carter is recruited, unwillingly, years into the Stargate program to solve the mystery of who tried to sabotage the Stargate.

Six months later, old secrets and new betrayals threaten more than just Samantha and Jack’s budding relationship. 

Had I not seen the Sun by squibalicous

Rated: 13+ • 103 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Non-Geeky Sam AU story.  What if Sam was the one to turn her back on the military, but it never took its eye off of her?