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Retired school teacher with degrees in: Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology, & Physical Geography.  Fan of:  SG franchise, Battlestar G., Lost, True Blood, NCIS & NCIS LA and Big Bang Theory.  Passions: fan conventions, traveling, and writing fiction.

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Captain Jack by ziva

Rated:68 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Ex-Navy SEAL Jack O'Neill pairs up with Dr. Samantha Carter, a marine biologist, to find treasure and fun on the high seas.  Think of them as Indiana Jones and Lara Croft only better.  ;)

Captain Jack and Lady Samantha by ziva

Rated:0 Reviews
Summary: see summary on story page...

Two Jacks by ziva

Rated:6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: This story is loosely based on CONTINUUM.