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I'm married, with no children. My husband was the one who show me the first movie back in 1994. Now years later, I'm still love the show and i happy to be a fan of the program. "alimoo' is a nick name a friend gave to me years ago, when i was working on a dairy farm. I'm now just doing relief milking for farmers in our area. I milk from August to May, i think about these funny, romantic shipper stories when I'm milking. Don't worry, i haven't been crap on 'Yet' there might not be any stories in June and July, when the cows are dried up, when i start milking, i start think. Wink I suffer from dyslexia since i was little and i've been struggling with leaning differculties ever since.  Some of you have asked me where I'm from, so to let every one know, I'm from New Zealand.

My stories are also on 'Fan fiction' 22/04/08 UP DATE: Peter and i have move into small country town called Normanby. Now that i had to give up milking cause of health reasons, well now for me to do my thinking, i'll be walking to think about my stories.

I am looking for a beta reader, My weakness is spelling and grammers.

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'Together For Ever' nominated for 'stargate fan fiction award 2007' Smile

Soul Mates has been nomernated for 2009 blue moon awards


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