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O'Neill stared at Garshaw's host. It couldn't be Sam. Sam was dead. Sam was alive. Sam was a host. He didn't know if he was glad that she was alive. Garshaw finished her speech and stepped back from the microphone, but he hadn't heard a word of it. As the shock wore off, his anger began to mount. The Tok'ra had made her a god-damned host. He pulled himself together and moved back towards the podium for the question and answer period that followed.

The general managed to hold on to his temper and behave in a somewhat civilized fashion while fielding questions from the reporters. Garshaw also answered a few questions. Then, one reporter asked the indelicate question that had been in O'Neill's mind for the last half hour.

“What is the difference between the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra?”

Not much, Jack thought.

“The Goa'uld take hosts by force, the Tok'ra do not. Ours is a voluntary blending. The host gains the knowledge of the symbiote and an increased lifespan in return for sharing their body.”

“Can I ask your host a question?”


/I'll do it./

Sam's head dropped as she took over control.

“What is your question?”

“Why did you chose to become a host?”

“Garshaw and Yosuuf, her previous host, had been friends of my family for years. When Yosuuf was fatally injured, I volunteered to serve as Garshaw's host.”

“And how does your family feel about it?”

Sam looked at Daniel as she answered. “I lost most of my family in a Goa'uld attack several years before I blended with Garshaw. However, my father had been a host so I think he would have approved.”

O'Neill followed Sam's gaze stopping as they reached an old man with bright blue eyes. A remnant of Jack's memory surfaced. Daniel, I hardly recognized you with hair. He still had hair, but it was a far cry from what he had sported during his first trip through the gate. Had Daniel known that Sam was alive? Had Jack? He forced himself to listen as a follow up question was asked.

“We've been introduced to Garshaw but not to you. That hardly sounds like an equal relationship. What is your name?”

“You have forgotten that our companions not were introduced either. Garshaw is a member of the High Council of the Tok'ra. In diplomatic matters, she is in charge. If this were a scientific conference, either Anise/Freya or myself would have been introduced.”


/Well it's the truth./

/Part of it. You're sounding more and more like a Tok'ra./

/After all this time, it would be a surprise if I didn't. Besides, it would hardly be diplomatic for me to say that I am under orders to be here. Sounds too much like the Goa'uld./

O'Neill didn't want to hear how Sam would identify herself. He used the pause to end the question and answer period. After thanking the distinguished guests, he tried to escort Sam off the podium only to be intercepted by the male Tok'ra.

“General O'Neill, may I ask you a question?”

O'Neill watched in frustration as Sam left the podium and walked over to Daniel. “Can it wait?”

“Of course.”

The Tok'ra stepped aside to allow him to pass but it was too late, Sam had reached Daniel and disappeared into the crowd. O'Neill scowled and went to look for the pair.

“Anise, wasn't Mother's commanding officer named O'Neill?”

“Yes. He looks like the same O'Neill but it can't be. He is much too young.”

“His son perhaps?”

“General O'Neill was betrothed when your mother was captured. This could be his son although he appears not to have aged as well as his father.”

“The Tau'ri have an alliance with Asgard. Maybe they cloned him.”

“Thor was fond of O'Neill. You may be correct. For now, I think we should find your mother.”

After a quick consultation with one the day's coordinators, Sam and Daniel found themselves alone in a small office. After sitting down, Daniel leaned his crutches against the desk. Sam pulled up a second chair.
“I saw you die. What happened?”

“A sarcophagus, what else?” Sam replied. “I was revived and held prisoner. The Tok'ra eventually found out and mounted a rescue operation.”

“They didn't contact the SGC?”

“They contacted the SGC with evidence that I was being held prisoner.” Sam said bitterly. “General O'Neill's response was that Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, along with the rest of SG-1, had been killed in action thanks to the Tok'ra.”

“Wait a sec, the rest of SG-1?”

“You do look rather good for someone who supposedly died forty years ago.”

“Although not as good as you.” Daniel replied. “So the Tok'ra rescued you. Isn't that a bit, um, out of character for them?”

“It was, but Garshaw had a soft spot of my father and Selmac. She wasn't, isn't, as cold blooded as some on the High Council.”

“But why didn't you come home?”

“To what Daniel? My team was dead. The SGC had declared me dead so I didn't even have Mark and his family to return to.” Sam stared at Daniel. “You know how bad things had gotten here. My career was pretty much shot to hell before the mission.”

“I know you Sam. You would have come back despite that. Was it because of Jack and Kerry?”

“My decision had nothing to do with that. It hurt to see them together but I stayed offworld because it was safer.” Sam looked straight into Daniel's eyes. “My team was gone, I didn't have anyone on this planet that I could trust to watch my six.”

“And you didn't trust Jack.” It was a statement, not a question.

“How could I? I tried to talk to him about what was happening in the weeks leading up to the mission. He refused to listen. He left me behind enemy lines after receiving information that I was still alive. Jack,” she spat, “knew which Goa'uld was holding me prisoner. It was Ba'al, Daniel. Jack knew and he still let me rot.”

“No, he wouldn't have,” Daniel was horrified.

“I share Garshaw's memories. She told him. He didn't give a damn.”

“There's got to be something else. You said it was safer offworld. How? I mean, there was a war going on. There wasn't a System Lord out there that wouldn't have wanted to get their hands on a member of SG-1.”

“When I was rescued, I was pregnant. There was no way in hell I was going to allow my child to fall into the hands of the NID or the Trust. My team was gone and I sure as hell wasn't going to trust my CO.”

“Why would they want your child?”

“Because there was a possibility that he would be harsesis.”

“His father,” Daniel's voice trailed off as he realized why the third Tok'ra looked familiar.

Sam completed his sentence, “was Ba'al.”
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