Major Ellenet Morgan Yon/Carter von Majorellenetcarter

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Ellenet Morgan Yon's black hair shone in the sun and her long white sun dress swished as she walked through her garden holding her hat on her head.

'It's such a beautiful day today' Elle thought as her husband Peter (who had olive to brown skin and brown eyes) opened the metal gate and walked up the path towards her.

"Hey beautiful" Peter said when he reached her.

"Hey" Elle said smiling.

"And how's my little baby doing" Peter asked as he patted Elle's bulging stomach.

"The babies fi.................ow, ow...oooowwwwwwwwww!" Elle started falling to the ground holding her belly.

"Err right, I guess that means the babies on the way then?" Peter said "Don't don't worry love I'm calling the ambulance" he stuttered as he ran to the house.

Elle laughed slightly through the pain, her husband was such a goof.

Soon they were at the hospital and the pain had intensified " Peter, I kill you, don't you ever fucking come near me again. I will rip that piece of anatomy off you if I bloody well have too" Elle shouted at her husband who had evacuated to the other side of the room to escape Elle. She had already given him several bruises a broken nose and a broken arm.

Then the doctor came over and checked " Alright looks like it's time" he said.

"Alright Mrs Yon on the count of three you are going to push. Alright one....two...three...PUSH!"

"AHHHHH" Elle screamed as she did so and after a few more pushes and a few more screams there was a babies cry filling the room.

Just then Elle realized her husband wasn't with her. " Peter what are you doing all the way over there"

Peter walked over to Elle knowing she wasn't going to hurt him anymore "Getting away from you. Look what you did to me Elly" he said as he showed her his plastered broken arm and his nose.

Elle couldn't stop herself she just started laughing.

"Gee thanks Elly" Peter said sarcastically.

"Sorry Peter"

"Yeah yeah" he replied.

The Nurses finished cleaning the baby and handed it to Elle.

"Meet your daughter" one said.

Elle moved the blanket to see a beautiful olive skinned girl with blue eyes and a smidge of blonde hair.

"She's beautiful. Look Peter." Elle said. Peter looked. " She looks just like you"

"Thanks, but you know Peter, I don't have Olive skin and I definitely do not have that nose" Elle smirked.

"Oh what, my nose is bad then" Peter joked.

"No not at all" Elle smiled.

"What are we going to call her" Peter asked

"Well I was thinking Geraldine" Elle said.

"Geraldine, that's perfect and the middle name, well we have to have one of yours in there so how bout Geraldine Morgan Yon?" Peter asked.

"Well I actually liked Geraldine Grey Yon." Elle said.

"That's nice too how bout we call her Geraldine Grey Morgan Yon" Peter said.

"Yes, I like that name" Elle said as she stared at her daughter, "Geraldine Grey Morgan Yon, I'm your Mummy and see this.." she said pointing at Peter, "This is your Daddy."


"Sara, what do you want me to do" Elle asked her best friend while watching the commotion at Charlie O'neills birthday party.

"Sit down Elle, you've been out of hospital for what a week?" Sara said as she placed some pies on a dish on the table.

"But Sara I want to help" Elle complained as she rocked her sleeping daughter in her arms.

"Ellllle" Sara started.

"Alright I'm sitting down" Elle said in resignation. Elle watched as Charlie played with his friends.

"So Elle, where is Peter today" Sara asked.

" He got called off to work." Elle said simply.

" Oh okay, so how's it been with the baby" Sara asked.

"Oh she's a terror at nights, never can get any sleep" Elle said and Sara laughed.

"But otherwise, she's great, my beautiful Angel" Elle said and smiled down at her sleeping daughter.

"She is beautiful, with the exception of the nose and skin colour she looks a lot like you, I mean you know if you think about it with that blonde hair she actually looks like.." Sara started.

"Oh don't Sara, you know I don't want to talk to my sister, we had a fight before and I was not in the wrong" Elle said.

" Stubborn arse, no wonder you get along so well with Jack when he is around, you are both stubborn fools" Sara said.

" Hey I object to that" Elle said.

"Of course you do" Sara sighed "But I still think you should contact her"

"No Sara, stop"

"Fine" Sara sighed and went on dishing out the food leaving Elle to think.

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