Needs von Jaam95

Zusammenfassung: Janet Fraiser has all that she could ask for; a beautiful daughter, a great job and lovely friends. But there is something she is missing from her life. Can Daniel help fill the void?
Eingestuft: 13+ [Reviews - 0]
Kategorie: Daniel/Janet
Charaktere: Daniel Jackson, Janet Frasier
Episode Related: None
Genres: First Time, Romance
Holiday: None
Season: Season 7
Warnings: sexual situations
Crossovers: None
Serie: None
Kapitel: 1 Abgeschlossen: Yes
Wörter: 2473 Gelesen: 1709
Veröffentlicht: 2011.03.13 Aktualisiert: 2011.03.13

Story Anmerkungen: This story is based after the events of 'Savanna' (a Stargate audio book read by Teryl Rothery) although you dont have to listen to that to understand this...hopefully.

1. Chapter 1 by Jaam95 [Reviews - 0] (2473 words)