The Nutcracker von Adelie King

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Story Bemerkung:

I've always wanted a story where both Carter and O'neill get to do what they've desired to do to Senator Kinsey... I made this a Christmas Story just to use the title though. Chapter Five I wrote a year ago as a separate humor story but had no place to use it. Now I finally can and I hope everyone finds it entertaining when it's posted....


Adelie King

Kapitel Bemerkung:

Senator Kinsey crashes the Christmas Party of the Military ruining the evening....


Disclaimer: Stargate SG1, characters, settings etc. are property of their owners. No copyright infringement is intended. Original characters and plots are property of the author. No profit is being made from the fiction.

The Nutcracker
by Adelie King

Chapter One: Christmas Party

It was a week before Christmas and it was the night all military officers and personnel were having their official Christmas Party at The Broadmoor near Cheyenne Mountain in Ballroom A. The Ballroom was 30,000 square feet and elegant. The party was a formal ball and dinner for the United States Military. All the gentlemen were required to wear their formal dress blues. The ladies had a choice between their dress uniforms or a formal gown.

Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Janet Frasier decided to wear formal dresses since they didn't get to dress up that often. Sam and Janet both had their hair done up fancy, their makeup professionally done and they bought dresses that were stunning with sexy lingerie underneath.

Carter was dressed in a black floor length evening gown tight on the hips but loosened down the legs. It was small to medium straps the top dipping like the bottom of a heart showing a decent amount of cleavage. The straps had a white classic embroidered pattern to them.

Frasier was dressed in floor length layered dress. The under skirt was red with matching red as a cloth belt. The outside skirt was black and the top of the dress two triangular sections covering each breast with thin rhinestone straps going over her shoulders. The red cloth belt had a black fabric rose on it.

Both ladies looked stunning and waited for their limousine to arrive picking them both up. Janet got picked up first and then Sam. They were riding to the Broadmoor looking at each other. Janet asked Sam looking that sexy dress over, "So were you thinking of Jack when you picked that out?"

"Janet, why does everything I do have to do with Jack?" Sam asked agitated and nervous.

Janet replied, "Because it shows your cleavage extremely well." She observed and teased, "I hope you didn't get a room for the night."

"No Janet, I did not." She clarified, "This is an official military function and some important people crucial to the Stargate program are going to be there." Sam paused and added, "How would it look if me and my CO got caught fooling around?"

"I was teasing Sam gees you're so serious tonight." Frasier commented, "What's going on with you?"

"I'm worried maybe this dress is too revealing." Carter admitted, "What if it does turn Jack on too much?" She took a nervous breath and added groaning, "And Senator Kinsey is going to be there this year."

"Oh great." Janet remarked sourly, "And I was planning to have fun this evening." Both women glared out each of their windows.

Sam then told her, "Jack and General Hammond had to get there early to greet the self-righteous ass." Both women rolled their eyes again. "So where are Daniel and Teal'c?"

Frasier answered, "They're already probably there to make sure the Colonel doesn't punch Kinsey's lights out especially if he downs a few bottles of Guinness." To change the subject she asked Sam, "So do you think Daniel will like my dress?"

"If he doesn't there are plenty of bucks who will." Carter remarked as they pulled up to the Broadmoor Hall A-F where Daniel and Teal'c stood waiting in their tail black tuxedos. Teal'c had a back top hat on to cover his emblem.

"Boy our boys look handsome tonight." Janet enthusiastically commented as Teal'c opened the door.

"Good evening ladies." Daniel took Sam by her hand and helped her out first. Then he helped Janet out and told her, "You sure look beautiful tonight." He offered his arm to her.

Teal'c closed the door bowed to Carter and offered, "May I escort you inside Samantha Carter?"

"Thank you Teal'c." Sam smiled at him, "you sure look very elegantly handsome tonight especially in that top hat." She took his elbow.

"Thank you very much I must say you look extremely breathtaking yourself." He complemented escorting her inside and predicted, "I'm sure Colonel O'Neill will be very impressed as well." Teal then informed her, "He has been most anxious for you to arrive."

Sam smiled brightly as they walked down the carpeted hallway to the ballroom where the Christmas event was being held.


Meanwhile Colonel Jack O'Neill was dressed in his formal dress blues looking as sexy as ever. He was already on his second tall glass of Guinness swigging it from nervousness waiting for Carter to arrive. Kinsey's arrival didn't ease his discomfort either.

General Hammond walked up to O'Neill noticing his agitation, "You need to calm yourself son. I don't like the idea of Senator Kinsey being here ruining our Christmas function anymore than you."

"Don't remind me." O'Neill remarked, "I'm already through my second glass for the evening." What he didn't tell Hammond is he was worried more about seeing Carter in an evening gown. With Kinsey here he needed to be more cautioned in his behavior than usual.

Hammond then suggested, "Maybe you'd better slow down a little. The last thing I need is an unwanted squabble."

"Don't worry...I won't do anything I promise." Jack half-assured him looking at the door searching for Carter.

Hammond then told him, "Major Carter will be here soon son...stop worrying."

"I wasn..." He almost said defensively but General Hammond crossed the room to greet another high officer. Then Carter walked in the door on Teal'c's arm. Daniel escorting Janet next to him. Jack's eyes widened and his mouth slacked as he saw her in that black gown. He gazed at her across the room a moment and took the last swig of his tall beer glass before crossing the room.

Sam looked up and saw Jack approaching her in his formal dress blues looking good enough for her to eat. He took a deep breath as he got closer to her to recompose himself to not do something stupid. She smiled and he couldn't help grinning at her in return as he stopped two feet from her. "Good evening Sir." She anxiously greeted.

"Evening Carter." Jack greeted back and took her hand, bowed and brought it to his lips, "You look beautiful." His eyes communicated his pleasure clearly as he stood straight again still holding her hand.

Sam blushed, looked down, back up and smiled, "Thank you Sir." She paused and thought aloud, "So do you."

Jack wagged his eyebrows flirtatiously and grinned then releasing her hand to offer his arm, "May I escort you to our table?"

"Sure." She gave him a bright smile taking his arm and letting him walk her across the room, "Thank you Sir." Sam held him casually to not appear too friendly to those around them. She could smell some beer on him so she knew he had a drink already.

"You do look beautiful tonight." He told her again his eyes wandering up and down, "In fact you're a knockout." Jack flirted his brows at her making her giggle. He almost twirled her around to her seat at one of the large around tables with a white tablecloth. He let go of her hand and pulled a chair out for her.

"Thank you Sir." Sam responded politely kneeling to sit down. He pushed the chair in for her to sit and adjusted it. Then as he leaned down to her she blushed.

Jack asked her, "Would you like me to get you a drink?"

She smiled brightly and answered, "Yes thank you, a glass of Riesling or chardonnay would be nice."

He stood up and pleasantly told her, "Be right back." Then he smiled briefly heading to the bar.

Janet had been seated next to Sam and Daniel asked her, "Shall I get you one as well?"

"Yes Daniel, thank you very much. Bring me a merlot please." Frasier smiled. All three gentlemen left to get drinks. "I think you've got the colonel's attention Sam." She clearly observed, "You'd better be careful with your flirting tonight." Janet cautioned.

"Yeah I know Janet." Sam couldn't disagree with her one bit and felt this sudden sadness recalling her and the Jack's predicament. She then spotted mistletoe hung over one of the doorways and some personnel kissing under it.

Janet then interjected, "Don't even think about that either." She saw where Carter was looking.

Sam immediately looked away and looked back where Jack, Daniel and Teal'c were getting their drinks.


One the other side of the room while standing in line to get alcohol Daniel cautioned Jack, "You need to be careful with your affections with Sam tonight Jack. This is a formal military party."

"What's wrong with a little harmless flirting Daniel?" Jack justified in rebuttal, "Many flirt at parties who don't normally and no one thinks anything of it."

"Yeah except in you and Sam's case it could lead to people thinking the wrong ideas that could cause suspicion that could harm you and her." Daniel reminded him and understandingly said, "I know seeing her so desirable must be hard on you right now."

Jack looked at Daniel with this glare in his eyes remarking, "Bad pun Daniel." He tucked his hands in his pockets and moved as the line kept moving.

"Sorry...I mean difficult." Jackson corrected and observed, "She is a beautiful woman Jack." They looked at her in that formal gown. "So is Janet." His eyes were glued more to her than Sam.

"Lucky." Jack remarked bitterly as he got to the bar and ordered their drinks. The bartender gave him a glass of chardonnay and a glass of Guinness. He then headed back to the table with his and Carter's drinks. His eyes gazed upon her with an extreme ache in his chest as he finally got to the table.

"Hey Sir." She greeted him again with a smile.

He handed her drink to her, "Here you go." Jack smiled at her taking a seat next to her.

"Thank you Sir." Sam took a sip of her wine. She then noticed he looked sad all of a sudden, "What's wrong Sir...?" She asked him.

"Oh it's nothing." He told her that but his eyes communicated something else to her like heartache. "It's just..."

Janet saw what was going on objectively and decided to interject, "Don't worry Colonel you're not the only one worried about Kinsey's appearance."

Sam knew she was trying to cover them and distract them from themselves and was secretly relieved. She placed her hand over the back of O'Neill's under the table. Sam assured him, "Don't worry I'll handle the Senator tonight Sir if that'll make you feel better." Her fingers closed around his hand.

Jack looked at her and assured, "That's all right I can handle it fine." He then took a swig of his beer and she took a sip of her wine.

The next moment Daniel arrived with his and Janet's wine glasses, "Here you go Janet...merlot as ordered."

"Thank you Daniel." Janet took her glass and offered, "Have a seat next to me."

"Oh thank you." Daniel sat down to the right of Janet while Sam was to her left. Teal'c sat down to the left of Jack acting as a buffer in case Carter and O'Neill got too friendly. Both of them let go of their hands and sat normally.

The next moment General Hammond approached the table with Senator Robert Kinsey, "Colonel, Major, You remember Senator Kinsey." He introduced.

"How could we possibly forget him?" Jack remarked with a cynical disrespectful attitude. He was intoxicated and that was now clear to everyone.

Carter's eyes widened when he said that and her system went on alert. Oh...shit!  

"I suggest you show me some respect Colonel O'Neill." Kinsey insisted in his pompous manner, "Since I'm one of the main keys to keeping your program going." He reminded him.

"So you keep reminding us every time you drop in for a visit." O'Neill rose out of his seat standing to look Kinsey in the eye. "Tell me Senator, how are you going to fuck us over this time?" He asked coldly drinking his beer afterwards.

"Well first of all I'm going to get rid of you and that smart mouth of yours Colonel." Kinsey threatened getting irritated.

"Why?" Jack asked innocently, "Can't stand a mouth smarter than yours." He paused and continued getting pushy, "Too much competition."

Hammond warned him keeping his tone inconspicuous, "Colonel! You're out of line!"

Sam started to panic and grabbed his arm interjecting, "Sir, can I talk to you...now?" She pulled his arm and he looked at her giving her a look he shouldn't have. Her face implored him. Don't do it...Her heart raced and she swallowed.

"You'd better listen to them Colonel, "Kinsey irritatingly advised, "You should shut up while you're ahead here."

 "I don't think so I have a lot more to say to you before the night is finished..." Jack challenged lowering his voice to dangerous level swigging another drink of his beer. Sam felt herself about to cry and couldn't let this continue.

Carter near sobbing pleading her voice cracking, "Sir, will you stop please." He finally looked at her seeing her so upset which made him finally back off. "He's not worth it." She said in a loud whisper crying the turned around and made her way across the room. Janet followed her across the room to keep attention away from her.

Jack felt extremely bad his eyes straining watching Sam almost storming across the room with Janet.

The Senator noticed O'Neill and Carter's exchange and knew instantly there was more there than they should have. "You should listen to her Colonel." Kinsey told him smugly, "She's smart." He paused and added, "From what I've read beyond smart."

O'Neill finally had to agree, "You're right Senator. She's right." He paused and then told him, "You're not worth it." He then abruptly left the table following Carter to apologize immediately.

"I apologize Senator." Hammond said even though he didn't really want to, "He's had too much to drink tonight."

"Are you sure General?" Kinsey pointed out, "From what I can see he's always been combative which is a serious liability to the Stargate program." Normally the senator would be right but this was Jack O'Neill he was talking about.

"I disagree senator. Colonel O'Neill is one of the best officers I've ever worked with." Hammond defended, "He has saved this planet and many others countless times." He paused and told him, "Maybe you should show the Colonel a little gratitude and respect." The General then walked away from the senator to get some air.


Janet was with Carter in a private room off from the ballroom when O'Neill came in after her, "Carter I..." He began to speak to her. Frasier left them alone to give them privacy. "Carter I'm sorry..." Jack apologized and admitted, "I was angry...I wasn't thinking."

"No you weren't Jack!" Sam came up to him angrily and almost yelled, "What the hell is wrong with you?" She then reminded him, "Do you remember what Kinsey could do to us?"

"Yes I haven't forgotten that Carter." Jack stated getting emotional, "Maybe I'm just sick of being bullied around by everyone and everything." He took a breath and continued, "Maybe I'm tired of not being able to have what I really want." He was looking at her with frustration and tears in his eyes now. "Maybe I'm sick of not being able to...love you." The last part just came out without thinking.

Sam without thinking either reacted on instinct grabbing the back of his head and pulling his mouth roughly to hers. Their tongues fought so roughly in their mouths they felt they were going to bruise. She held his face in her hands as they continued to kiss passionately. She broke the kiss catching her breath sobbing, "God I love you Jack..." Then they kissed again and he moved them pushing her against the wall.

Jack was so emotional and aroused he barely pulled away, "I think we should leave now Carter." He turned away in a jerking motion and finished, "Before we both do something here we'll both regret." He practically stormed out he was so angry and upset with himself. Jack felt his heart breaking and headed outside to the patio to recompose himself and get some air.

General Hammond was already out there and came up to O'Neill. He demanded, "Colonel, what the hell has gotten into you? You know the danger Kinsey is to the program and to this planet." He reminded him.

"I don't know what's gotten into me General." Jack sat down on a bench burying his face in his hand. "I'm just feel so angry and frustrated about everything." He told him.

"You're not the only one son." Hammond sympathized, "I'm as frustrated as your are about the whole situation." He paused and told him, "But smarting off to Kinsey no matter how much I was glad to see someone do it was a wrong move Colonel." He then continued, "May I remind you that he is dying for any excuse to get his hands on the SGC."

"I already know that General." Jack blurted loudly, "I'm sorry I fucked up everyone's evening." He stood up and told him, "Maybe I should just head home now before anything else happens."

"Good idea Colonel." Hammond agreed and advised, "Go home and sleep it off so you're thinking clearly in the morning."

Kapitel Abschlussbemerkung: Sam nails Kinsey where it counts next chapter....Please inform me if the story needs a more mature rating....
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