Little Wager von Adelie King

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Story Bemerkung:

This one just popped into my head and just imagining his reaction was priceless.
Kapitel Bemerkung: My story that started my Samantha Carter/ Janet Frasier practical joke series...

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Little Wager
by Adelie King

Janet Frasier and Samantha Carter had a bet going. She bet that Sam couldn't get Jack O'Neill to smile and Sam bet she could. Since he'd hardly shown his teeth in years that's why it became a wager. It couldn't be one of those grins like usually he gave. He had to show teeth to her.

Carter recalled what she knew would guarantee to get most men smiling. She knew it was a sure bet. She and Janet came walking in to the briefing room. Jack had just gotten there and no one else arrived yet. He was placing his jacket on the back of the chair.

"So you think I can't get him to smile." Carter argued with her hands on her hips in front of him. He stood up soon as he saw and heard them placing his hands in his pockets immediately drawn to their quarrel watching them.

"No you can't." Janet challenged crossing her arms.

O'Neill lowered himself sitting on the edge of the table crossing his arms watching with increased interest curious as to where this was going.

"Okay...I'll prove it" Sam accepted the challenge started unbuttoning her BDU jacket getting prepared to prove Janet wrong. She turned from Janet facing O'Neill. "Sir?" Sam asked, "Can I get your opinion on something?"

"Sure... Carter." Jack looked at her still sitting on the edge of the table.

"Tell me what you think?" Carter opened her BDU shirt flashing her bare breasts at him for several seconds.

O'Neill's air caught in his throat, his eyes grew wide and his jaw hit the floor. After about thirty seconds he finally beamed the brightest smile they'd ever witnessed. "Sweet!" He said enthusiastically.

Sam closed her coat re-buttoning it re-facing Janet. He still sat there smiling very confused his eyes wandering around.

Frasier irritatingly protested, "You Cheat!!" She then stormed out of the briefing room defeated.

"You owe me a hundred bucks Janet!" Carter called after her triumphantly in front of O'Neill who was he still smiling. 

Jack rose up from the table walked up to her grinning, "I just have to ask about this one Carter?" He asked in his sarcastic tone.

"Janet bet no one could make you smile showing your teeth again and I bet I could." Sam explained.

"Well it definitely worked..." Jack assured her in this low sexy tone continuing to smile again. His eyes were still lit up looking at her.  

"She never gave me any limits of what I could do." She clarified and started heading out of the briefing room. "Excuse me...while I go to put my bra and tee back on."

"You leave them off I'll keep smiling."  O'Neill then added flirtatiously with a wag of his eyebrows,

"I don't think Hammond, Daniel and Teal'c would be very happy about that." Carter predicted almost out the door.

"I don't think they would be that upset trust me." Jack remarked teasing her. She glared at him leaving him smiling the rest of the day and several days to follow.  

Kapitel Abschlussbemerkung: I thought that was cute and funny...
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