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Story Bemerkung:

Just a short story idea I had when Gracie and I went to Dreamworld. For anyone that doesn’t live in Australia, it’s a theme park. I bought us gobstoppers, and when we were on the bus home, I was run over by a train…of thought. It made me laugh, so I wrote this, and yeah! This is my first published, Finished, Sam and Jack fanfic. I will appreciate any reviews, and any ideas on what I can do to improve or extend it. As always, I have to thank Gracie-Face (AKA Gracie-poo, Sam O’Neill,) for the support and encouraging me to write this story.

Jack studied the lolly intently as he rolled it around in his hand.

“Is it safe to eat?” He mumbled quietly to Sam who was also studying hers.

“I suppose so. I mean, why would they give us something that would harm us.”

Jack thought about that for a second then with a shrug, he stuck his tongue out partially to lick the alien treat. He let the sweet taste linger before taking another longer languid lick. Sam’s blue eyes were plastered on Jack’s movements while her mind was doing what it did every night and most of every day. Imagining her and Jack …

She shook her head free of those thoughts and moved her eyes back to her lolly. She licked it uncertainly, then smiled and wrapped her lips around it. I’m going to make him feel how I feel, she thought. There her mind went again. Jack nearly chocked when he noticed what his 2IC was doing, then how her eyes sparkled when she looked at him. He hoped silently that no one would notice the bulge in his pants, although Sam already had, and was smiling wickedly, glad he knew how she was feeling.

“Well, do you like them?” the alien, Opius asked with a smile.

Sam nodded enthusiastically, her eyes never leaving Jack, and her lips never leaving the alien gobstopper.

“Yep…” he cleared his throat after his voice came out high pitched, “Yeah. Thanks.”

“So Opius, what do you call your planet?” Daniel asked, oblivious to his team members’ actions.

“We call it Homulus. It is said that—”

“Ohhhhh gooooddddddddddddd!” Sam moaned loudly, causing both Daniel and Opius turn around. Jack had Sam pinned up against the wall of one of the many huts that were clustered in the small village, kissing and biting her neck gently. His hands pushed her BDU shirt over her head, revealing Sam’s lacey black bra, and her bare stomach.

Daniel stood shocked—no gob smacked— unable to move, before Opius pulled him out of the hut, leaving the pair to themselves.

“Maybe I should have mentioned that the lolly’s, as you call them, are made to stimulate both people. Usually they work on anyone around the individual who eats it, but I couldn’t help but notice the looks that Major Carter and Colonel O’Neill give each other, so I had them designed to isolate it just to those two. They were not supposed to, however go that far!” The alien explained.

“Oh no!”

“Was my choice not a wise one?”

“No, I’m not saying that. It’s just…the reason why they went…that far…was because they, as you said, have very strong feeling towards each other, and they’ve been trying to hide it since they met. You probably wont get them off each other now.”

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