What Happened On P3X 595 by SuSiE_SG1
Summary: You find out what actually happened on P3X 595 to make Sam take off her . . .
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1. What Happened On P3X 595 by SuSiE_SG1

2. What Happened On P3X 595 Part 2 by SuSiE_SG1

What Happened On P3X 595 by SuSiE_SG1

Chapter One: Talking's around the campfire

Jack had finally reclaimed Sam as his own, well had gotten her back to the campsite they had previously made on their journey to collect her and bring her back to her rightful place and it only cost him a hand gun. Well it was his favourite but he knew that Sam was worth it. He walked over to one of the two tents they had pitched and pulled out some spare clothes for her as he knew that she was just dying to get out of those Shavardi robes she had been forced, well ordered to wear and handed them to Sam in which she quickly took off into the other tent to get changed.

"What a relief, I've never been so happy to see you guys," Sam said sitting down on a log next to Mougowl, the man who had helped to rescue her.

"Oh sure you have," Jack replied looking up from the stick in his hands to look at her, "remember that time on P3X 595," Sam's smile suddenly disappeared, "you drank that stuff that made you take off your-"

"Ahem, we won't get into that right now." Sam said trying to change the subject. Daniel looked at Jack who was smiling smugly to himself but Daniel was just completely confused.

"Mougowl, I want to thank you for your help," Sam said changing the subject to something else.

"We'll leave at first light," Mougowl replied clearly upset about the whole situation his son had gotten them into.

"I don't blame you for what Abu did, I don't blame him either now," Sam said trying to reassure the old man.

"He is suffering the madness, as I did when I was young," Mougowl replied to which Sam suddenly became confused as to what he was saying.

"It's what they call love," Daniel interprited.

"Ah, got it," Sam replied in which everyone just went silent and stared into the fire.


A few hours later only Daniel and Jack were left sitting around the campfire. Teal'c had gone to Kelnoreem against a tree a little further away from where Sam was curled up across from the two men at the campfire. Mougowl however had opted to sleep in one of the tents.

"So what happened with Sam on P3X 595?" Daniel asked throwing a stick he was playing with into the fire as curiosity had finally got the better of him

"Oh you know," Jack replied staring at Sam directly across from him sleeping peacefully on the other side of the fire.

"No I don't Jack... care to enlighten me?" Daniel replied curiously and a tad sarcastically, as he really wanted to know now.

"Well I'm not sure Carter would want me telling you this then," Jack replied trying to annoy the man, as this is what he did best.

"I'm sure Sam won't care," Daniel said impatiently.

"Fine," Jack said in surrender.


Authors Notes: Well please review and I shall have the next chapter up soon, but there is a warning there will be Sam and Jack fluff, and lots of it! And the next chapter shall be a lot longer than this one. Oh by the way, I am watching the episode Decent, I was just wondering if anyone else noticed Jack pulling Sam up out of the water, I thought that was really sweet LOL, maybe its just me put its sweet oh and did anyone see Jack put his hand over her boob too? He does and if you want to know which part to see for yourself just ask LOL. Well I better stop babbling and start typing the next chapter okies well REVIEW!

What Happened On P3X 595 Part 2 by SuSiE_SG1

Chapter Two: Flash backs - Meet and Greet (with a little bit of compromising)

*Flash back*

"So where are we headed this time Carter?" Jack asked while adjusting his hat. Sam, Teal'c and himself were standing at the bottom of the ramp ready to embark on their latest meet and greet with the locals of the newly acquired address to another world. Daniel however was off on an archaeological dig on another planet so SG1 was stuck with Captain Dana Marsh from SG9. Sam wasn't complaining as they could use another female on the team but Jack on the other hand couldn't understand why just the three of them didn't just go by themselves.

"P3X 595 sir," Sam said as she looked up to see the Stargate engaging.

"Good, great, heard they've got beautiful weather this time of year," Jack said sarcastically while waving his hand towards the Stargate.

The four team members slowly made their way up the hard metal ramp and through the Stargate where they were greeted with flowers and fruit from the inhabitants of P3X 595. They were a slowly developing race with not much technology, they were however very advanced in their methods of defence. The women were treated like housewives, they were depended on for the cooking and cleaning while the men were the warriors, the ones who would fight and accumulate the food and materials for their survival.

"Howdy," Jack said smiling and waving at the few that had gathered to greet them and escort them off to their village.

"Greetings," a woman said as she bowed down in front of Jack who quickly pulled her up from her knees.

"Carter," Jack called in which Sam obediently came to stand to his side.

"Hi, were from the Tauri, I'm Sam," she replied holding her hand to her chest directing her speech to the woman.

"I am Constance, and this is my significant other Rylan, and these are our children Dylan, Evan, and Eliza," the woman said pointing to each of her family members as she addressed who they were.

"Jack," Jack said.

"And this is Captain Marsh and Teal'c," Sam said pointing to each of her team members.

"He is Jaffa," Rylan said stepping in front of his wife to protect her.

"Indeed," Teal'c said bowing his head in the direction of Rylan.

"Yes, but he is friendly, and he won't hurt you," Sam replied.

"Ok, I shall show you all to our village where you can bathe and we can begin your celebration," Rylan said before he moved off in the direction of their village, he was closely followed by his three children but Constance stayed back in hope to talk to Sam on the way.

"Celebration ey, I like the sound of that," Jack said as he too started to follow the man.

Teal'c and Captain Marsh also headed off together while Sam started to talk to Constance before heading off.

"Sam?" Constance said,

"Yes," Sam replied as they both started to walk off towards the village.


"Jack, hurry up and get to the good part," Daniel said interrupting Jack in the middle of his story.

"Why so you can blackmail carter?" Jack replied.

"Well now that you mention it," Daniel said sarcastically but he knew he could stop her from going on about him and his misfortunes by telling her that he knew. And that if she decided to tell the new doctor Daniel had his eye on in the infirmary, one Dr. Janet Frasier, than her little story might end up being published in the SGC monthly newsletter.

"Shut up Daniel, do you want to hear the story or not," Jack replied as he knew if they started a new conversation he would forget where he was up to and have to start all over again.


"This is where you will be staying," Eliza said pulling aside a hanging dark blue cloth over a mud brick built town house. The five of them stepped inside, everyone except Eliza had to duck to get through the door as it was very small. There was a small hard looking couch in the middle of the small room and another room off to the left of it.

"That's the sleep room," Eliza said pointing towards the bedroom.

"Thank you," Sam said turning to the girl as everyone else had gone off to inspect the bedroom.

"I have to go, you must rest from your long journey before the celebration begins," Eliza said before rushing off outside where Sam could hear other children playing and having fun.

Sam walked over to the bedroom and pulled back the blanket which she supposed was a substitute for a door and saw Jack lying on top of one of the two smallish beds placed in there. Captain Marsh was sitting on the end of the other and Teal'c was setting up a candle in front of where he was sitting in the corner of the room.

"This must be the sleeping accommodation ma'am," captain Marsh said as she saw Sam enter the room.

"It's a little small but I guess it will do," Sam said taking off her back pack and placing it on the floor

"I shotgun this bed," Jack said from his lying position.

"Yes sir," both women replied.

"Carter, Marsh, you don't mind sharing do you?" Jack asked as he knew it was the polite thing to do.

"Sir, there is a couch out there I can sleep on," Sam said using her thumb to point the direction to the tiny living room.

"Don't be stupid carter, you can sleep here," Jack said as he got up from the bed he had just claimed, "I'll be the man and take the couch."

"Sir, I'll be fine sleeping there plus you already shot gunned the bed so I couldn't possibly take it from you," Sam replied.

"Fine, I'll have it tonight and you can have it tomorrow and the next night," Jack said negotiating with the woman.

"Fine," Sam said as she walked out of the bedroom to go and explore the village.


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