Major Ellenet Morgan Yon/Carter by Majorellenetcarter
Summary: The veiws of Major Samantha Carters twin sister Major Ellenet Morgan Yon
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Major Ellenet Morgan Yon/Carter Part 2 by Majorellenetcarter

7 months later.

"Peter," Elle started as she picked up the squirming blonde curly haired 5 month old. "Yes Love" Peter replied and looked up from his newspaper. " The General just called, apparently I am expected to go on a mission tomorrow" Elle sighed, she really didn't want to leave her daughter or her husband but knew that her husband was perfectly capable of looking after their daughter. "But Love, you can't leave now Gera is just 7 months old." Peter said " You know I don't want to leave but I have to, it's my duty" Elle sighed, "Anyway, you are perfectly capable of looking after Gera" Peter gave in " Yes Love"

The next day a car arrived outside Elle's house and Elle went out the front door carrying her luggage. When her luggage was in the car Elle turned around to where her husband was standing holding their olive skinned, blue eyed, blonde curly haired daughter. "Bye" Elle said. Peter reached over with one arm and hugged her while he held their daughter Geraldine. "We'll miss you love." Peter said and then he turned his head to his daughter " But we'll be fine won't we Gera" Geraldine grinned and reached out for her Mother and Peter passed Geraldine over to her. "Hey Gera, Mummy will miss you. You be good for Daddy alright" Elle said giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek and handing her back to Peter. The person in the car beeped the horn. "Well I guess you have to go then Elle" Peter said and sighed. " I guess so. Love you" Elle replied. " I love you too" Peter said and gave her a kiss. "Now go, your going to be late" "Bye" Elle said as she got into the car. "Bye, wave good bye to Mummy Gera" Peter said as he waved his daughters hand.

*BOOM * a bomb went off behind them and Elle let her team over the hill towards the enemy. Major Ellenet Morgan Yon fired her gun and shot the enemies down. They were winning. 'I just hope that I can get the hell out of here soon, I want to go back to my daughter' Elle thought as she continued firing her gun at her enemy but her mistake was not looking behind her. "Well Look what we have here" A voice said in her ear and an arm wrapped around her neck. Elle through the culprit to the ground but the unfortunate problem was that he wasn't the only one. There was one coming from the side, 3 in front of her, 4 behind her, the one that was coming from the other side of her she had knocked out, but there still was no escape. 'Shit' Elle thought. Just then Elle felt a sharp pain in her stomach and noticed she had been stabbed. Elle fell to the ground Elle could only hear "We got the leader" before she passed out.

When Elle woke up she was chained to a stonewall in a cold, dark, damp room. "Great just bloody great" Elle said to herself as nobody else was around. Just then the only door in the cold, dark, damp room, opened and a shadowy figure walked through. "Have a nice sleep Woman," The voice said sickly.


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