Name: Schatze8210 (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.12.06 13:31 · Für: Chapter 12
I've enjoyed both the stories in this plot line and am hoping that you have a third one in the works to be available soon!!!

Name: VGWrighte (Anonymous) · Datum: 2010.03.29 12:20 · Für: Chapter 12

Well, that's not an ending. 

 What now?

 Enjoying what you have.  :) 

Name: PAMDILL (Anonymous) · Datum: 2010.02.09 04:05 · Für: Chapter 12
Please tell me you are gong to finish this sotry, really need to know how it ends!!

Name: sgkeb (Anonymous) · Datum: 2010.01.23 14:06 · Für: Chapter 1
Just found and read "Had I Not Seen the Sun." Loved it! Great character voices and plot. Interesting tag at the end about Jacob. It prompted me to download the sequel as soon as possible. But it's not finished yet, right? Do you plan on finishing it? Hope so! Let me know.

Name: Jesica (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.08.13 10:32 · Für: Chapter 12

Hello, great story you have here. I really want to know what happen´s next. Keep going please. 

Good luck and kisses. 

Name: ice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.05.29 06:00 · Für: Chapter 5

Hi there!!!
I really like your story and cannot wait to read what happens next. I really hope I'm not gonna wait too long,
because I usally only read complete fanfics (yeah, i'm not very patient)...

So yep, I like what you write, it's really good !!!

Author's Response:



Thank you for reviewing.  Sorry for the hormonal note about not getting any reviews.  i appreciate your reply.  I hope you also liked the first story Had i Not seen the Sun.

Thanks again,





Name: steadfast (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.05.25 16:49 · Für: Chapter 5
There are lots of people out there.  Probably 100 or more for each one who reviews.  PLEASE finsih the story, we really do love it.

Author's Response:

steady, thank you for the review. Please accept my apology for the pathetic and cranky plea for reviews.  Just was having a bad day when I posted.

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