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Author's Response: Hi, i'm just tweaking the next chapter, shouldn't be to long now

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Another Good chapter, I really like the way you are depicting Sam, that is how normal women would react, Not like TPTB wrote it. Can't wait to see how he defends himself. And will she forgive him? (I would only have to look into his brown eyes) we shall see. Look forward to next update.

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God I really hate Jack for this!

Sam should so go out and sleep with/date/have hot none strings attached sex with some hot piece of meat, give Jack a taste of his own medicine .

and then he can come begging for her forgivnes in tears, and she shall have him as her pet !!

Now that would be awesome !

please tell me you have not lost intrest in this, it is truly an amazing story !

P.s. i really wanna rip Jack to pieces, please continue the story, so Sam can do it for me !!

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Author's Response: Thanks, i'm never really that sure as to dialog, i find writing about the emotional side a lot easier, i glad you like the mix. And trust me there is more angst to come, and hopefully soon

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Thanks for the update.  I'm always up for Laira angst- good stuff, too!

Just a suggestion on to, too:

"Too" means also, and "to" is a direction (going TO the store.)  It may seem nitpicky, but it's like the plural/possessive apostrophe thing- when you see "the boy's" (possessive) vs. "the boys" (plural) your brain is prepared for one thing and gets something different.  It disrupts the flow of the story.

 However- I really like the story and look forward to your next installment!

Author's Response:

hey, sorry about the mistakes i will try to keep a better lookout for them in future, glad you like the story next chapter coming soon

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Author's Response:

Hi, yea i am going to include shades of grey, which will be in the next chapter that i am in the middle of writing now. Also, on a side note i am undecided as to where i will leave the story, so i wouldn't go assuming to much just yet. Glad you like the story so far.

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Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.05.12 11:02 · Für: Chapter 4
I would say Jack has an enormous amount of groveling to do if he wants Sam back.  If they were in a relationship, then three months on Edora is simply not long enough for him to give up all hope of being rescued and hop into bed with Laira.  He should have held out waaaay longer than that, if he ever gave in and had sex with Laira; he should have had more faith in Sam.  I really can't believe he just showed up at Sam's house expecting to pick up where they'd left off as though nothing had happened.  I have not a shred of sympathy for him.  And another "strike" against him is that he tried to make it Sam's problem rather than his or theirs together.  Plus, so far, he's showed not a shred of appreciation for her efforts to bring him home.  I've read some of the other reviews here and I actually don't find it hard to believe Sam would say what she did about Laira.  After all, Sam is exhausted, she's just found out her lover cheated on her, she's incredibly hurt, she's very angry - all those things would certainly lead to her saying something she wouldn't say under "normal" circumstances.  Sorry this is so long.  I did like the story, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this gets resolved.  Please don't let Sam forgive him too quickly or easily.  Of course, there are so many other episodes where "personal issues" were left unresolved and we didn't get to see any fall-out, and I like to read the perspective of you authors on how some of them may have been resolved.

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I was *very* glad to see and update on this story, even such a short one.  I hope you can get the rest of the chapter up soon.  It was nice to see Sam interacting with Janet and Cassie, but it would be nicer to see a little more description among the dialog--facial expressions, gestures, hesitations, smirks, hands through hair, stumbles, smiles, whatnot. 

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Name: Bucky (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.04.19 15:05 · Für: Chapter 3

I guess, I too find some of the language a bit out of character.  You have created a story where Sam and Jack are in a secret relationship, so there's no way Laira can be blamed for being interested in Jack.  If anyone's at fault, it's Jack. Despite her anger, I find it hard to believe that Sam would call Laira a bitch, nor expect Jack to characterize her as an "evil cow." 

Still, aside from that objection, I think you did justice to the talk they had to have.  And, I'm waiting for an update.

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I liked the first 2 chapters.  However I did have a hard time picturing Sam or Jack using some of the discriptive dialog.  It seemed very odd or out of character.  ie.  "she was a evil cow..."

Hope to see chapter 4 up soon.


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YES! Sam gave him whatfor, thats what TPTB should have filmed, I love this story, can't wait for the next update.

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