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Name: yol (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.07.12 14:29 · Für: Fantasy
Really enjoyed reading and really do hope you update and not keep us in suspense as to rather Jack and Sam will continue with a relationship we have all been waiting for.  So please do update soon and continue with this story.

Name: Schatze8210 (Signed) · Datum: 2012.03.31 12:26 · Für: Fantasy
I just looked over this for the second time hoping that you had made some note about continuing it.  It's a great story and you have really done well with describing the emotions and angst for Jack and Sam.  Hoping to read more very soon!

Name: Schatze8210 (Signed) · Datum: 2012.03.31 12:26 · Für: Fantasy
I just looked over this for the second time hoping that you had made some note about continuing it.  It's a great story and you have really done well with describing the emotions and angst for Jack and Sam.  Hoping to read more very soon!

Name: Krista (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.02.29 19:23 · Für: Leaving On A Jet Plane
Great story so far!  And I believe the original song was done by John Denver, but don't hold me to that - it could have been done even earlier than that!

Name: Awishaway (Signed) · Datum: 2012.01.02 11:48 · Für: Fantasy
Awesome start to this story I made the mistake of reading a story that says not completed and last worked on date of 2008 my only hope here is that you intend to finish it. It is a good story!!

Name: PaulineFitz (Signed) · Datum: 2011.10.28 07:12 · Für: Fantasy
Still waiting for the next chapter, I just thought I would check in to see if you had updated.  Please, Please don't leave us in the lurch.  It is such a good story.

Name: Letitia (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.08.25 00:02 · Für: Fantasy


Love this story and I really would love to read the rest of it if your still going to finish it.  I had to keep putting my son's dummy in his mouth to try and keep him asleep for just that bit longer so I could finish reading your story.  I'm hooked, you're a great writer, please finish it.

Name: SG-1fan96 (Signed) · Datum: 2011.06.04 02:59 · Für: Leaving On A Jet Plane
Hey, its been what? 3yrs since you said you were going to upload the rest of this, may I ask when its going to happen? Because I really enjoyed the story

Name: Courtney (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.10.24 00:36 · Für: Baton Rouge
Props for including a kick ass Matchbox 20 song!!!!

Name: PaulineFitz (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.07.28 10:07 · Für: Fantasy
I just checked your story again, in the hope that you had updated it. Is there a problem, have you got writers bloc or something, it is so good you must finish it

Name: scarletwitch0 (Signed) · Datum: 2009.02.05 16:29 · Für: Baton Rouge
Hee Hee Hee. The reaction of Jack listening to the words of Kellis is priceless. Sorry you lost interest in this story. You're a great writer.

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.11.08 18:49 · Für: Leaving On A Jet Plane

i love it so far...great use of the songs (i'm a bit of a music geek :) )

can't wait to read the rest!

Name: nieve (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.10.03 14:45 · Für: Fantasy
Hey! I really liked your story so far! So, please keep writing and let us read more!!!

Name: Jesica (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.06.07 00:24 · Für: Fantasy

Hi, please make more, i love this. Please, please, please... i said please???. Ok. jaja


Name: ImmerRDA (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.06.03 19:16 · Für: Leaving On A Jet Plane

I contacted GenJacksGirl to see if she was going to finish the story. I got a reply from her yesterday. Here's what she had to say:

It's rare these days for me to get a chance to get on the internet at all, and when I do, it's usually for a couple of minutes at most.  I don't know how to get the word out that I'm temporarily blocked!  Yes, I absolutely am planning on finishing it.  I've got a couple  of chapters already written, I just have to wait to get it uploaded, as the library won't let me upload that content.

Would you possibly be able to go to the notes section, like the reviews and let everyone know that I haven't flaked out, I'm just temporarily blocked.  I'm planning on going to my sisters and uploading from there, but that is also several hours away from my house.  As is, it's just really complicated.  The next chapter is written though. Will things go well between Jack and Sam?  Will her fears make her stubborn and proud and unwilling to accept the love that Jack offers?  Will the damn snake heads leave them alone long enough to find out?  We'll just have to wait and see. 

Please hang in there with me, I promise I'll update soon.

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.06.03 18:42 · Für: Fantasy
keep going this is getting better and better

Name: Renee Martinez (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.06.02 20:13 · Für: Fantasy
i say keep at it. this is great!

Name: samjack (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.05.31 07:09 · Für: Fantasy
very good just get to the rest!!! please hehe

Name: jenny (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.05.23 15:00 · Für: Fantasy
Please write more! Excellent writing and I now want the rest of the story please!

Name: sgjedi (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.05.07 13:16 · Für: Leaving On A Jet Plane
I am really enjoying this and looking forward eagerly for the next bits.  Fercryinoutloud, you can't leave us hanging!

Name: Jesica (Signed) · Datum: 2008.05.04 21:23 · Für: Fantasy

Ok...ok, dont worry, i tell you : keep goin, love your stuff.

Please i need the rest of this ok?. good luck for you and your family.

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.04.30 19:32 · Für: Fantasy
Great story so far. When is the next chapter!?!

Name: KrisK (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.04.26 12:00 · Für: Fantasy
I like it.  Looking forward to more.  I especially like Jack's reaction to the letter.

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.04.20 05:46 · Für: Leaving On A Jet Plane

I love it!

Waiting for the sequal!!!

Name: disneynut (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.04.19 13:32 · Für: Fantasy

Lked the story so far, but I am a bit un sure as too how I will feel about it uin the near future.  You had discribed that  "non/consentual sex and rape" scene. That tends to make me a bit leary.  We will see with the next update.


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