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Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.06.29 18:26 · Für: Chapter 38
This story is a +++++++++++++++10.   Enjoyed it from start to finish.   Must say that once Sam gave up her virgin statis she made up for  lost time.   Thinking of how different Stargate would have been if Jack and Sam had been married at the start of the series.

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review. I'm so glad you enoyed it (and that the site has started letting me know about reviews again!) I think once we finally do give it up we ALL make up for lost time :-) If we are going according to canon I don't think Jack was ready for a relationship at the start of the series. Ok he flirted but it's too soon after Sarah.

Name: brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.06.29 17:40 · Für: Chapter 34

Have to say I was not going to review until the end.  This is some story.  Realize that this could not be part of the show.   Think some of this surpasses "50 shades".   The story of Jack and Sam is a mythology that has been the basis of over 7 thousand stories in FF alone.

Now for why I reviewed at this point:

You brought up that slimy weasel Robert Kinsey, and I feel that a person like that is what gets the United States into trouble.  It is so bad that I can't stand the actor who portrays him.   Whatever sentence Hansen gets, Cromwell should get the same as he aided and abetted Hansen..   The old story of the ends justifying the means.  

Author's Response: Wow! as '50' is the fasted selling paperback ever (in the UK) I thank you for the comparison! I am so glad you seem to enjoy what I wrote. As to poor old Ronnie Cox, I think he plays a great bad guy, he's definitely one of those 'love to hate' people, I understand that he's great in RL! I think in general the armed forces there's a 'end justifying the means' right up until someone goes too far. Which you can understand in a war situation. I think though they have a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to domestic circumstances.

Name: brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.06.29 12:29 · Für: Chapter 3
Know this is just a story,  but in happens in real life too often. Hansen's commanding officer should be held responsible for this as well.  In fact in some ways he is more responsible than Hansen as the facilitator.

Author's Response: Unfortunatly it does (or at least DID) happen in RL. Though this is an extreme case for dramatic purposes I have first hand knowledge of officers asking wives not to make a fuss and have their husbands locked up just before being deployed. (she did make a fuss, he did get locked up! I just though it was wrong!) so I used it in this story.

Name: brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.06.29 12:11 · Für: Chapter 1

Poor Sam.  It always amazes me how a woman gets herself into this type of relationship.   Thank goodness jack was there.

Name: Janine (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.12.16 05:44 · Für: Chapter 38
Alright!  It's finished, and I loved it.  Will there be a sequel where we get to see Daniel and Teal'c?  Since they have to act like they don't know each other, you could have it set in a later season, and the rest of them suddenly being shocked at the relationship.  I'd love to see little Grace growing up.  Anyway... Very enjoyable reading.  Good job!

Name: Janine (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.12.16 04:41 · Für: Chapter 16

I'm not really sure whether or not you quite understand Catholic values.  From what you said at the beginning about Sam not having sex because of the risk of pregnancy, it wan't clear whether you thought that Catholics frowned on unmarried parents or on premarital sex itself, or if you thought that they didn't approver of contraception, which is in fact correct.  Anyway, I was confused about what you understtod, and being a Catholic myself I thought I should just make it clear that marriage before sex is preferable, but that even so, sex mus be both life giving and love gigivng, i.e. no contraception, and it must be an act of love. 

Other than that tiny nit-pick, which I'm not even sure if you were wrong about to start with, I love the story.  It's very sweet an i think that you've got Sam and Jack's reactions right in character.  

Name: Renee Martinez (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.06.06 11:00 · Für: Chapter 38
This was a interesting story.it kept me going, i even missed school to finsh it (even though i was sick).keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Wow don't tell your mum it was my fault!rnThanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it luv.

Name: tiffany (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.03.29 19:59 · Für: Chapter 38

i loved this story its like the best so far lol

i was hocked on it the moment i started readin it



Author's Response: So glad you liked it.. thanks so much for reading and reviewing it!

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.12 20:32 · Für: Chapter 9
Oh boy, ... more giggles ... and chuckles.  This is a really good story.

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.12 20:25 · Für: Chapter 8
Just love this battle of wills between Jack and Sam, and we can be darn sure it ain't Sam that's gonna win - as long as she's at Jack's house.  Can't say I blame her much, though; as strong and independent as she is, I guess I'd be a little peeved too if somebody was telling me what to do all the time and not letting me have anything to say about anything.  Good job in describing their situation.  Got the giggles reading it.

Author's Response: Glad you're still enjoying it, but remember this isn't 'our' Sam she's a more vulnerable naive one.

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.12 20:01 · Für: Chapter 7
You are very beautiful you know?" he said "You should be out enjoying life at your age, not laying in a hospital thinking of ending it all" .......  Huh?  Just because she's so beautiful, she should be out enjoying life?  What does being beautiful have to do with it?

Author's Response: Don't you think it's a common misconception that beautiful people have better lives than plain ones? If there's ever a tragedy they always say how young and beautiful the people who died were, as if that made it MORE tragic. I was just trying to make it look as if he was saying she had something to live for.

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.12 19:35 · Für: Chapter 3

I'm really liking this version of how Sam and Jack met each other and the time spent between the movie and the TV series.  And I really love that Catherine is in it and she and Sam are such good friends; and, of course, Jack and Catherine, too.

Author's Response: Glad you are liking it!

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