Reviews For Inside the Box

Name: Jillybean166 (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.02.18 02:09 · Für: Chapter 1

I loved this story at the beginning. The characters were a bit of a stretch from the show, but they were overall good adaptations. The writing was interesting and the concept of the story was engaging. Then as soon as the whole pregnancy story arch came along you completely lost me. It seemed so out of character and the actions of both Sam and Jack were unbelievable even when compared to the earlier chapters. Then the ending was completely rushed and confusing. I don't know what happened...but I would stick to the writing style and story at the begining and re-write the end. It had so much potential, but ended up just being a disappointment. 


Beginning - 8.5/10

Middle -> end - 3/10 

Author's Response: Thank you for your review as well as the constructive critisism. I am aware that my stories falter at the ends, I have always had problems in that area. If you could only see how many stories are on my computer, unfinished, it would surprise you (hell it surprises me sometimes) I just cannot get to a conclusion properly! As I never publish a story until I can do so at once, they will probably stay in the WIPs folder forever. As to rewriting, several times I have started on a fic to change the ending (or at least the way it is written) but never seem able to think of anything different. Ahh well, enough of my pains, once more thanks for taking the time to review. TM

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