Reviews For Always

Name: Courtney (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.10.26 04:39 · Für: Always

Unbeleivably good. So many great moments. The characterisation was dead on. 

That conversation in the elevator where Jack tells her all that random stuff about her! And the snoring comment! Awww! So touching! Touching but not cliche which isn't always easy to do. 

Highlight: Sam going over to Jack after Jacob's funeral and walking over to Charlie's grave with him. Uh! It brought tears to my eyes!!

Amazingly well written. Genius. Well done. 



Name: Melody (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.07.18 23:17 · Für: Always
This was a great story!  I sniffed and dripped through half of it - excellent emotive writing, btw - but it was wonderful to read.  Thank you for sharing it!

Name: Polly (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.11.27 19:23 · Für: Always

Wow. Fantastic. Really fantastic. I'm sure I've reviewed this before, but wanted to say it again.

You sure are one hell of a writer!

 Happy Thanksgiving,


Name: Elle Jay (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.09.02 19:05 · Für: Always

I LOVE this story - I think I've read it four times in as many days!  I love the way it fits in almost perfectly with the series, I love the characterisation...  In fact, I love everything about it! :o)  Thank you for bringing me endless hours of happiness with this story!

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