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Name: Kate (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.08.09 11:04 · Für: Chapter 8

How in the heck can those of you give this story a good review justify it?

 This fic depicts and condones rape! Or is it a case of 'hey, its jack, so it's ok, really?'.

 The original premise was a good idea, and I feel could have been explored a lot better if the characterisations had been closer to what we know. In that hands of a better author maybe. Sadly, this didn't happen and i'm left totally icked out by this fic and what it condones - actually, i'm more icked out that this story has been nommed for awards.

Name: Ellanora (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.03.13 21:40 · Für: Chapter 1
Amazing story.  Obviously, the characters head in a very different direction than we've seen on the show, but I think it is a very interesting path.  I was brought to tears by Carter's tenuous grasp on sanity.  Great job - thanks for making me think.

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.12.21 20:19 · Für: Chapter 8
Well, I guess he gets to have his dirty little secret all to himself in his home, and not the once independent, strong woman who saved earth and him; guess he gets to keep her like the possession he thinks she is now; his own personal little sex toy, huh?

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.12.21 19:13 · Für: Chapter 6
I'm sorry to burst everybody's bubble about how good a story this is - JACK RAPED HER!  He didn't let her have anything to say about it.  He just took his frustrations out on her sexually while she was defenseless against him because she loved him so much.  There was no love for her in what he did; he only wanted to satisy his stupid masculine pride.  He used her just like Ba'al did - after he'd abandoned her for an entire year, while she was slowly going off the deep end - and after she told him to stop, he yells at  her and tells her she'll never see him again?????  He doesn't deserve her after what he put her through.  I don't care if there's a happy ending to this story, HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A ROTTEN THING TO THEM?  And Sam is so forgiving; she always forgives him even after he all but crushes the life out of her!

Name: Pauline Fitzsimmons (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.10.19 06:27 · Für: Chapter 8
I really loved this, the story was great, made my toes curl up in places, the later chapters with Jack at the little house were amazing, you have a terrific imagination, more of this kind of thing, PLEASE!!!!

Name: ximxim (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.09.14 16:50 · Für: Chapter 8
awwww that was great!!, i really loved it.

Name: Fred (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.09.14 14:32 · Für: Chapter 7
Love the whole thing, but poor sammy seems so clingy, i know love tends to do that, but...oh well is your story and is darn good as it is.

Name: JF. (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.09.13 15:41 · Für: Chapter 6
THAT. was. great.

Name: frisky (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.09.13 15:13 · Für: Chapter 5
now thats mean, why does she has to be the crazy one?, if she was so set that it was just a job then Jack should had gone wacko, anyway, this is great, so much pain, so much sex!, so much love it's really good.

Name: xim (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.09.13 14:46 · Für: Chapter 4
...quite angsty..i can't really blame jack tho, but...it's really sad...still is quite good.

Name: xim (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.09.13 14:13 · Für: Chapter 3
AWESOME!!, most say I really don't see Sam doing this but...all for the earth rigth?. anyway, is great so far. I'll keep reading

Name: KrisK (Signed) · Datum: 2007.08.08 18:50 · Für: Chapter 8

Okay, after spending an afternoon reading, kids interrupting, I finally got to read the happy ending!  Always worth waiting for, but now I feel I need to know a few things.  Does she face her friends?  Do they get back to the ocean?  Does Sir like the city and remain intact?

Oh, my mind is reeling.  Thank you for another great story.  Again, always love your style, you know that you write the smut better than anyone, don't you? ;-)

Name: lithiumgrace (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.08.07 15:07 · Für: Chapter 1
I read this on the sam and jack always site about five times.  Then found it on here and read the parts you posted a couple of more times.  I abs. love this story.

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