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Ok, so this is my first review, and I'm not an editor or anything, so please bear with me. I first just want to say, I hope you continue to write this story line. I'm new to fan fic, but this story has been so riviting on so many different levels - I'm going to go back and rewatch the involved episodes, just to enjoy them again with fresh eyes that this *may* have been going on behind the scenes... Your development of their personal relationship has been amazing, and following Sam's healing process through Jack's unwavering love and support has given me, personally, a way to heal from my own tramatic experiences in an abusive relationship. So thank you...  Very powerful, very real, excellent work...  I did notice in one of the chapters Jake changed to Dave, which took me out of the story for a bit, but was easily overcome... And I was actually impressed with how easily you handled Sam's emotionality throughout the story. I would have expected to be dissatisfied with our happy, tough, strong Sam showing so much *weakness*. You reminded me tears and emotionality aren't weakness, they are a part of healing and dealing with life. And truly, it takes a lot of inner strength to show to those whose opinion of you matters. As a true S/J Shipper, I hate the idea of them seperating, but it might strengthen the story to continue with the canon of the episodes... And does it have to end? Thanks for many hours of much more than just mindless entertainment - although there may be a time and place for that too - your story has been a journey of depth, healing, growth and love. And as an aside, your love scenes have been sooo hot, I *almost* wish AT and RDA were porn stars, just so I could watch them with more than my mind's eye! Phew! OK, I'm off for my own cold shower now... lol

Author's Response:
So sorry it has taken so l ong to respond.  Once again, life has gotten the better of me and I've had to set Jack and Sam and my version of their story to the side for a while...quite a while, it seems as I see my last official update was over a year and a half ago...yikes!
Anyway, it's responses like your that keep me writing, so thanks very much for that.  I too hate to see this end, which is why I think I've had such a hard time continuing the story.  I've been trying very hard to stick to the original canon story...but knowing that Jack and Sam separate is killing me...My theory is that eventually they get back together...but not until MUCH later in the series than where I am right now.
I promise, I am working on getting on with the story...please bear with me...and again, thanks for your wonderful comment! - Grizziesmom

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