Name: brneyes (Anonymous) · Datum: 2010.12.29 12:04 · Für: All in a Day's Work

SO great to find a Cam story with an O/C and then a second and now I see a thrid I have to look forward too!!! I may not get any sleep.. I can't stop reading.. so much going on.. I really enjoyed all the sub plots and of course CAM!!  great read.. looking forward to the next stroy.

Name: bailey1ak (Anonymous) · Datum: 2010.02.06 10:56 · Für: All in a Day's Work
Really liked this story.  Great plot!  Even liked the OFC Julie.  Plan to go see if you have written a story that follows for Sam and Barret.

Name: Tracy (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.06 15:44 · Für: All in a Day's Work
I just reviewed. If there is another site that I can read this at, will you send me the link at dannylover934@yahoo.com. Thanks. Sorry.

Author's Response:

Sorry...I hope the spacing is fixed? I am uncertain in the uploading.

I also have these stories at Abydos Gate.

Name: Tracy (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.06 15:42 · Für: All in a Day's Work

I really like this story but it was hard to read because there is no spacing between paragraphs. Is there another site where I can re-read it?


I like how you wrote Cameron. Very much in character with more depth than they give him on screen. Your OC was very good as well. She was likeable and well written. I hope to read more stories like this soon!

Author's Response:

Again, sorry for the spacing.

The stories are at Abydos Gate and there is another Cam/Julie story completed, and I am uploading it here soon. It is multiple chapters.

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