Reviews For What If?

Name: sandra (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.10.10 15:30 · Für: What If?

é uma optima história , adorei como encaras as personagens é mesmo demais obrigada pelo momento


p.sp is portuguese , translation

Name: Wesley (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.10.03 11:19 · Für: What If?

If only the What If wasn't just a what if.  I enjoyed the story mucho!  Jack can be an a** sometimes and not even mean anything by it.  And Sam... sheesh!  A guy has got to do what a guy has to do.  But, damn, to regulate a guy to his hand "partner" like that.  So cold!  But, a really good story.  Thanks.

Name: x (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.02.10 17:13 · Für: What If?

amazing how all SDers hate Jack. Probably because Jackson will never be even half the man Jack is and they feel the need to make themselves feel better about Daniel, thus demonizing Jack.

<>SD is like incest.

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