Reviews For Solace

Name: jewgirl81 (Signed) · Datum: 2012.08.07 03:14 · Für: Solace
Beautifully written. Captures the desperation perfectly. Sam and Daniel are very difficult to write without sounding forced or cheesy, and this story is neither of these. It Feels very real, just how you would imagine it would happen. Definately one of my favourites :)

Name: sandra (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.10.10 14:42 · Für: Solace
that`s story is great thank you for write about sam and danie

Name: mary (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.02.26 21:02 · Für: Solace

I really loved this fic....its exactly how it could of happen...a perfection depiction of these characters and the desperation that would push/draw them together!


love it love it love it! 

Name: Thraesja (Signed) · Datum: 2008.01.11 12:49 · Für: Solace
I loved this.  While normally I would prefer a shippy ending, I think the one you chose is perfect for the story.  Some tension relief between two friends who both very much needed the other.  Very nicely done.

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.07.04 01:32 · Für: Solace
The ending is a little weak, but I still give this 10 out of 10

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