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Name: damnflamingos (Signed) · Datum: 2012.07.11 12:05 · Für: To Feel Again part 12 - the end
Wow, those aliens are pretty disturbing. I love how everything isn't right after all that happend.

Name: MissyCat (Signed) · Datum: 2011.02.22 10:48 · Für: To Feel Again part 12 - the end
This was amazing, and all 12 chapters of it!  I was breathless until the very end!  Job well done!

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.12.01 16:29 · Für: To Feel Again part 12 - the end
Astounding that Sam didn't sustain permanent damage from Jack's use of the table leg on her.  And even more amazing that they could both still be together after their experiences, even though they both knew it wasn't them personally causing all the pain.  And I thought my heart would break when Sam pushed away from Jack and sank down into the water, forcing him to leave her and finish the job.  The fact that she survived the "drowning" ordeal was miraculous, but I suspected that would happen.  Don't know if it's a fact that if the water is cold enough, a "drowned" person can still be revived after as much as half an hour after the drowning, because the body has essentially frozen and can be thawed.  Just a thought/guess.

Name: Telkena (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.11.27 03:08 · Für: To Feel Again part 4

Sorry, but I'm too lazy to log in right now and since we don't have the "Reply to Review" option up yet, I had to do it this way...

Janice THANK YOU! Now THA IS ONE HELL OF A POV... no, seriously, you're absolutely and perfectly right and it's just... brilliant... I mean i read your review and it was like... i could see a whole new turn for this story... Yes, most of the times Sam IS way too.... much of a "good girl" and yes she should just cut that crap out.... but I guess when i wrote this I figured... she's try to keep it together so she can figure a way out of there...

But seriously, you are absolutely right in everything you said. I'm looking forward to other thoughts you might have.

Sorry to the rest of the reviews that I can't reply to each one like i always do... Hopefully when Lyssa has the time and energy she'll put up the reply to review option.


Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.11.26 15:49 · Für: To Feel Again part 4
I'm not sure what I want to say after this chapter - poor Jack, poor Sam.  I can understand Jack feeling incredibly guilty about what he did to her and Sam feeling the about what she did to him.  BUT, just once, I'd like to have Sam let go of that good little girl attitude of "it's ok, sir", "I'm ok, sir", and let go of that front of hers that everything's ok, because it's not, and she's suffering as much as he is.  I'm not saying she should fall apart (yet), but at this moment, Jack doesn't need the "I'm ok; it's not your fault routine".  Words are not going to help either of them at this point, and certainly not until they get completely out of that place and back to the SGC or where they can get help to get them through this horrible ordeal.  Sam can't just put a patch on this with words and make it all better, and she should just stop trying for now.  Sorry, but that's my opinion.  If she keeps this up she's literally going to crack up from the strain of keeping it all in.

Name: 7 League Boots (Signed) · Datum: 2007.09.08 20:42 · Für: To Feel Again part 12 - the end

Hi, Telkena: 

Stellar horror story. Brings to mind the most basic of human fears - possession by an unknown, evil force. And yet an ending that leaves room for healing, hope. Great Jack and Sam, in voice and character. 

Favorite is Sam's hydrophobia and how Jack helps her through it; very haunting.  Great read; very creative and lots of hard work went into this. Thanks.

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