Reviews For Out of the Way

Name: jack (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.12.02 03:39 · Für: Out of the Way
very moving

Name: Janice (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.11.26 13:40 · Für: Out of the Way
Well, this was certainly different, though I think Jack was a total ass about Sam and Daniel.  After all, it was only the 4 of them in the conference room and he could have been a little more gentle about them, and not basically threatened Sam's career.  After what the two of them had been through originally, I would have hoped Jack could have been more sensitive then he was, even if he is in command of the base.  But, no he basically just cuts them dead, as if they mean nothing to him anymore! Yay, Teal'c for his comment and support.

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