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Name: x (Anonymous) · Datum: 2007.07.27 15:47 · Für: Everyone knows?
<>what a complete load of shit. if you really think Jack would tolerate this happening and even act approving and not say anything while Sam and Jonas act like hormonal teenager then you are truly delusional. 

your attitude towards intimacy and sex is appalling and you are insulting to Sam's character that you portray her as such a complete and utter slut that she would just deliberately fuck another man, with no feelings involved, just for fun, a man who is supposed to be her friend and a friend of the man she supposedly (the Sam in your fic doesn't love Jack otherwise she wouldn't be doing that), even more so, fuck another man while Jack could hear her. she's not perfect, her stupid affair with Shanahan proved it, but Sam definitely has more sense and sensitivity than to do that. Also, no man would fuck the woman he knows his friend loves, especially not practically under that guy's nose.

you failed on the entire line as a writer. if you intend to continue writing this crap, then please don't write anything anymore. 

one of the worst fics i've ever read 

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