Name: Samantha (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.03.30 22:56 · Für: Loves Me, Loves Me Not part 6

I absolutely adored this story!  I love that Sam ended up happy with Jack and not miserable with Pete, like we all knew would happen had she married him.  I wasn't very sure about it all when the rape scene came up but it all tied up in the end and I really enjoyed reading it these last few days.  If I were to have any negative criticism at all, and I'm not trying to be rude but constructive, it would be to clean up the spelling a little bit but that's only because I'm obsessed with spelling. =P Other than that it was positively fantastic and I really did enjoy it.

Thank you so much for sharing this and I can guarantee I'll be reading much more of what you have to offer.

Author's Response: I know the sperlling needs cleaning up. Sorry. It was written a long time ago and with Helio's first format I couldn't modify the story once it was posted so any and all mistakes were there to stay. Now with this new format I have that option and I'll try to clean it up. The problem is time.... we all know what it's like with free time... Thanks for the review.

Name: Hedwig (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.15 06:04 · Für: Loves Me, Loves Me Not part 3
I'm beginning to sense a pattern here.  First Jack rapes Sam (who is in a very vulnerable and shaky emotional state), because he's made at her.  Then he makes love to her very tenderly.  I'm wondering when the dog named "sir" is going to show up?

Author's Response: JESUS CHRIST!!! DO YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN READ A FIC YOU HATE JUST SO YOU HAVE WHAT TO BITCH ABOUT? Good God man, if this sucks so much, WHY, for the love of all that's holy, WHY do you keep reading it? My god, if you have so much free time on your hands that you find it worthy to spend it on such a lame fic AND review it...... go find a cure for cancer or something!!!! But otherwise, please.... I'm seriously worried about your sanity if you find THIS "badly written" fic worthy of your time after all you've complained about so far. Seriously, you're not flaming me anymore now.... you're just making me laugh my ass off at your expense.... the power of selection.... you know, you do have that.... the right to choose to NOT read it? Just cause it's on this archive doesn't mean I can't live on if you don't read and review. Please, please go do something else with your free time. It's an insult to all us people up to our necks in work that you have nothing better to do than read fics you hate just to kill time.

Name: Hedwig (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.14 18:07 · Für: Loves Me, Loves Me Not part 6
Apparently we didn't see the same TV series.  Sam isn't the one who kept their relationship at arm's length for all those years - THEY BOTH DID!  So any hurt feelings by Jack were because he chose not to speak up about his feelings for Sam.  And as for that "keep it in the room" business, yes it was Sam's idea, and Jack asked if that was okay with her.  She never got the chance to answer his question because of the whole za'tarc business and running off to stop Martouf.  We don't know if they ever talked about it again, but I can't believe the subject never came up again between them (even if we never got to see it).  And as for ALL of Sam's so-called relationships during the 8 years before Pete came along, there were none.  Certainly there was Narim, Orlin, Joe (the ambassador) and who knows who else, but those never got past the introduction/attraction stage; they never went on dates or to lunch or coffee or anything beyond being introduced (with the exception of Orlin, and I doubt very much that anything physical happened between them) - so you can't call any of those relationships.  So you authors need to wise up about this blaming Sam for all of poor Jack's hurt feelings and Sam flaunting her relationships in his face and going out of her way to hurt Jack when nothing of the sort happened.  As I said, I wonder if you people and I have even been watching the same TV series.  Plus, some of these stories are downright sick, and I think the authors need some heavy duty serious counseling!

Author's Response: I think you should take a dictionary and look up the word Fanfiction and "creative licence". Shockingly enough not everyone is supposed to life ever fic out there. Shockingly enough I don't spend my nights awake wondering what YOU would like to read. I write what I like. And I LIKE dark fic. So do others. You don't. Move on. This archive certainly has tons of fics you must like.

Name: Hedwig (Anonymous) · Datum: 2008.01.14 14:19 · Für: Loves Me, Love,s Me Not part 4
I honestly can't understand why you have to make Sam such a cowardly little wimp who lets Pete beat the crap out of her without defending herself.  The first time he beat her she should have kicked him out of her life, yet here she is still insisting she's going to marry him.  The real Sam Carter would have none of this kind of crap from any man.  But I guess it's "author's license" to totally destroy that image of a strong, self-controlled, no nonsense woman who can completely take care of herself, but isn't afraid to be a little feminine at the right times (with Jack) and enjoy a "real" relationship.  This is not Sam Carter you are writing about.  This is just some anonymous character that you've plastered that name on and like other of your stories, you've totally trashed the Sam Carter image.  I guess you must really hate her given all the rotten things you do to her.

Author's Response: I  for one honestly can't understand why people don't read the warnings of a fic before they read it. And lets say by some chance you don't understand what those WARNINGS mean.... You don't like the way it starts, don't read on. I'm not the same newbie I was when this fic was first posted, where I could get all "affected" by reviews like these defending Sam's... whatever you think you're defending... so spare me the feminist speach. I wrote a story, Period. The storyline and the way Sam was portrayed was established in the first chapter so you could have spared yourself the need to read more before you discovered it was not to your taste. Personally I LIKE dark fic. I LOVE dark fic. I LOVE TO WRITE dark fic. You don't, then don't bother reading past the first chapter or the first quarter of the chapter. Which I'm guessing you did (God all mighty knows why) since you've already found out the Pete abuse was a repetitive story with Sam. So if this sucked so badly, why in God's green earth did you still bother to read on? Spare yourself and me the trouble. READ THE WARNINGS. Other than that flames really don't mean anything to me from people who can't make use of their right to choose what is and what is not to their taste and just read whatever falls into their lap without any power of selection. I grew up. Consider doing the same.

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