Name: PamDill (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.04.22 01:31 · Für: Chapter 2
I a. glad you hane reposted thses two storjes.

Name: Awishaway (Signed) · Datum: 2012.04.21 09:12 · Für: Chapter 1
I so remember this story and so did love it. Sam never should have excepted Petes proposal ever and must say I love reading when she makes the decision not to marry him before accepting. I still hope the final movie when it comes out has Sam and Jack together but I won't hold my breath it isn't like it would destroy their show now that it is over except for that last movie.

Name: yol (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.04.20 21:08 · Für: Chapter 1
Very cute chapter, can't wait to see what's in the bag.  Jack seems so perfect for Sam, and can't see cop boy for her at all.  Update soon pleasssse. 

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