Reviews For A Little Egypt

Name: brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.07.21 13:49 · Für: Chapter 6
Was sorry it ended without finding out where they left to go.   Enjoyed story and am going to check if you had a sequel.  Thanks again.

Name: Brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.07.21 12:51 · Für: Chapter 4
What would we do without Sam.  Another great chapter.  Have to admit, I like your Jack-though I always liked Jack,  but sometimes he was a pain-better. 

Name: Brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.07.21 12:30 · Für: Chapter 3
Loved the line of Jack and Sam having as much in common as a pyramid and a fly.   I almost cried laughing.   As Daniel says, in whatever reality Sam always sought out Jack.  

Name: Brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.07.21 12:18 · Für: Chapter 2

What a chapter-- hot, hot, HOT.   So Jack never married, and Sam was a 38 year old virgin.   Can't wait to read next chapter.  

Name: brook (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.07.21 12:05 · Für: Chapter 1
Moebius is my most favorite of all the Stargate episodes through the first 8 seasons.  Didn't watch much after that, though I have all the DVD's.  Your story takes us from the floor of the jumper and Jack and Sam kissing etc.   I presume the etc is your story.   I am looking forward to the next chapters.   I loved Amanda Tapping in these episodes; her portrayal of geeky Sam was really funny.

Name: yol (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.03.20 19:34 · Für: Chapter 6
Thanks for a nice ending, really enjoyed it.  Will be waiting for more stories from you when you get back.  Take care, thanks for sharin.g

Author's Response: You are very welcome!  I have a feeling Pauline and I will come up with a juicy plot while we are vacationing together, so keep watching this site for more stories from us. 

Name: Awishaway (Signed) · Datum: 2012.03.19 09:03 · Für: Chapter 6
Okay got home from Holidays to a completed story and got to read the whole thing in one sitting. Loved it. So awesome but a little abrupt on the ending so many questions left unanswered. lol So forced to draw our own conclusions. hummmm Great story loved it.

Author's Response: While many readers may disagree with me, I don't feel it's necessary for an author to answer all possible questions.  Yes, draw your own conclusions, use your imagination! That's part of the fun of AU fan fiction.  It can be whatever you want it to be.  Thanx for reviewing and letting me know you enjoyed my story.  I always appreciate hearing my you.  I will be very busy for at least 2 weeks. I am moving, plus Pauline, my muse and best friend, is coming to visit me. 

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