Name: PaulineFitz (Signed) · Datum: 2011.10.12 01:42 · Für: Chapter 2

I am so pleased that your readers are finding you, this story is too good to miss.  Hope you are feeling a bit better.  Great series. No little characters though LOL

Name: Patricia (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.10.11 17:05 · Für: Chapter 2
Great chapter!  I never liked Martouf that much anyhow, so if he turns out to be a bad guy in your story I'm ok with that!

Name: samcarter (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.10.11 10:20 · Für: Chapter 2

Hey Ziva great chapter.  i didn't get to read your response to my review for chapter 1 (from s&j always) before the site crashed. Looking forward to more.

More please 

Author's Response:

Sorry to say I didn't get to see your review for chapter one, as the site was completely down. Just know that I really appreciate that you reviewed and that you took the time to find my story.  

I would love to know if Siler is going to fix the home page.  If not, I wish someone would offer to take over, build a new home page or do whatever is necessary to keep the site up and running. I have asked Telkena to contact Siler about this matter, as she has known him for years.  She is worried that something is seriously wrong. She has not been able to get in touch with him through any of his email accounts.

Please continue to review.  I will respond as often as I can. I hurt my back while moving recently and am experiencing a lot of pain. Please tell everyone where they can find my stories.  Thanx!

Name: ccdsah (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.10.11 09:47 · Für: Chapter 2
This could be a great series: if they will go find ancient shipwrecks then they can get help from Daniel and maybe get a first mate (Teal'c) hint, hint, nudge, nudge

Author's Response: Someone from SG-1 shows up in the next story, but I won't tell you who it is or what part he plays.  I'm glad you are enjoying the series so far.  The 3rd story in the Captain Jack series will be co-authored by Pauline.  I am sure you will enjoy the plot she has created for that one.  Thanx for reviewing!  Please spread the word that I am posting here.

Name: ccdsah (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.10.11 01:25 · Für: Chapter 1
I was reading the first Captain Jack story when the other site crashed. I'm so glad I found your stories here

Name: Patricia (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.10.10 18:00 · Für: Chapter 1
Jeez, what happened to the sam and jack site!! I read and reviewed this there but since there seems to be problems, I'll review here to.

Glad to see you back with your new story! I love Sam and Jack, whatever AU they happen to be residing in.

Name: PaulineFitz (Signed) · Datum: 2011.10.10 14:53 · Für: Chapter 1
Hooray for Heliopolis ! We get your newest story, and what a good yarn it is.  I love this Jack and Sam and I hope that your readers get to read  and review it here.  Look forward to the next chapter.

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