Reviews For Captain Jack

Name: BROOK (Anonymous) · Datum: 2012.07.20 07:40 · Für: Chapter 1

So smarmy Martouf is a Frenchman.   The Root Vegetable is Pete. The Sexy captain is Jack, and the blonde Doctor.is Sam.   Like the dramatis personae.

The cast is ready to cast off.    Looks like a good read especially with Sexy Jack. 

All we need is Walter Brennan for a side-kick and we could have the plot for a Humphrey Bogart movie.

Author's Response: Thanx for reviewing. It's always great to hear from someone new.  Sidekick is more of a Johnny Depp type.   ;)

Name: paredpuppy (Anonymous) · Datum: 2011.10.30 20:15 · Für: Chapter 9
So great to read your latest story, but way too short!

Author's Response:

Sorry for my late response. I am very greatful for people like you who take the time to review, so please don't stop! 

I have been in the hospital for over 2 weeks, with terrible pain in the muscles in my legs. The doctors are perplexed by my condition, and I am feeling very frustrated.  I think my problem is connected to a severe allergic reaction I had to a drug I took for almost 3 years.  The drug is called Zocor, and it was meant to lower my bad cholesterol.  So all of you please be careful what you take, and stay away fro statin drugs. 

My best to all who have read, and who are reading, my stories.  I miss the sjalways-forever site, but we still have Heliopolis.  This reminds me that sometimes it is a financial burden for one person to keep paying for web space.  If you can, please donate $ to keep this site up and running.  We must do what we can to save Jack and Sam!   xxx  ziva

Name: Sasha713 (Signed) · Datum: 2011.10.25 03:17 · Für: Chapter 2
I can so see Jack as the surly captain of a fishing vessel, Z. Nice. I miss SJ lol

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