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Name: pippi (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.10.22 19:06 · Für: Chapter 1
i like :) Quick, painless, and I don't even hate Pete this time!

Name: Eluminadia (Anonymous) · Datum: 2009.10.21 11:07 · Für: Chapter 1

I really like your idea here. It's nice to see a story where Jack and Sam don't jump into be together at the first opportunity. However nice that is for us to read it's easy to forget just how important their work is and just how difficult it is to get around the frat regs.

Great story.

P.S Oh and Pete involved in a horrible, hopefully painful, car crash..... loved it :)

Author's Response:

Thanks heaps for your lovely review, i was half fearing it would be a bad review since the story really was a rush job and i didn't edit it well. Your review put a huge smile on my face and lit up my day. Ican now go to work happy, thanks. I agree, i love reading all about our two fav characters getting together and finally finding love and happiness but really its so unlike the real them to sacrifice the future of the world. It would be very difficult to get around the frat regs and unfortunately the president wouldn't really take time out of his busy schedule to deal with their possible romance, and that would be the only way they could do it while continuing at their jobs.

thanks so much for agreeing with me and giving me that great review, yes i've hated Pete Shanahan ever since he practically stalked poor Sam so i knew i had to do a character death here... i can't stand him and I've imagined lots of ways to get rid of him for good.

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