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Stargate NEXUS by Mistress T

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all sg nexus characters and a stargate

This is a series about SGC that takes place After Continuum and SGU. The 1st Story brings us up to date with the couples, explaining what "really" happened from season 9 until after SGU. The rest of the stories start in May of 2012 and pics up with new and old SGC members, and Cadets who are now ranking officers. Gen. Jack O'Neill is again the Commander of SGC since Gen. Landry retires to be with his wife Kim. Daniel and Sam are no longer a part of SG1 but still work at the SGC.  There will be more exotic aliens, new galaxies explored and new dangers.

The (un)official Wedding Album of Ge. Jack O'Neill and Dr. Samantha Carter O'Neill is posted on the web site at www.stargatenexus.com

I welcome and appreciate reviews and ideas for the direction of the series. I welcome suggestions as I am not much of a writer, I just really miss Stargate. No couples are set in stone as I plan to let the series continue.

 Warning! Graphic Sex, Sexual Situations, and Violence! Adults Only!

Series website  www.stargatenexus.com