Janet Frasier

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Destiny by ziva

Rated: AO • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Something had brought them together again, a force as inescapable as the weather.

Shindig by Nefertiti

Rated: AO • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: I know everyone has their own Grace story- here's mine. It's my first fic, had originally posted it on another site. Please review!

Carpe Diem by ziva

Rated: AO • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: While I have a minute, here is another oldie from 2007.  It was originally posted under one of my pseudonyms, Amy Sithens.  I hope you enjoy it.  WARNING: There is a rape in the story.  It is discussed but not described in detail.

A Second Chance by ziva

Rated: AO • 12 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A member of SG-1 is lost. Will it lead to a second chance for our heroes?  Check out this story from 2008.  It was a special request.

Yellow Rose by ziva

Rated: AO • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Things are not rosey for our heroes in this, the sequel to "Bluer Than Blue".

Bluer Than Blue by ziva

Rated: AO • 0 Reviews
Summary: Jell-O wrestling anyone?

A Hundred Days Redux by ziva

Rated: AO • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: This story line always seemed incomplete to me, so here is my version. I hope you enjoy it.  It was first posted in 2007.

The Girl With the Million Dollar Smile by ziva

Rated: AO • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Pre-series version of Sam and Jack meeting before SG-1.

The McKay Incident by Adelie King

Rated: AO • 1 Reviews
Summary: Rodney McKay makes a pass at Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill takes exception to it.

SG Nexus 1: Relationships Then to Now (2005-2012) by Mistress T

Rated: AO • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Clips of SG friends and couplesEver wonder what was going on at the SGC that we didn’t get to see? This story is an exploration of the relationships between the Stargate characters. Find out what happened between everyone from season 9 of SG1 through post SGU. That’s right… The good the bad and the down right dirty! Jack and sam, Cam and Carolyn, Daniel and Vala, Daniel and Carolyn, Cam and Vala, Carolyn and Evan Lorne, & Daniel and Aliana. Keep in mind this story spans across 6 years. Story contains Graphic sex and is intended for adults ONLY! You can read the PG 13 version oat fanfiction .net   Reviews are welcome and appreciated ENJOY! -----------

Pulled Over by Adelie King

Rated: AO • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Samantha Carter can't get the nerve to make a move on Jack O'Neill until something unexpected happens...WARNING VERY GRAPHIC SEX!!!

Ladie's Night by Adelie King

Rated: AO • 0 Reviews
Summary: Janet Frasier and Samantha Carter have a night pf hot fun especially after Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson join them...WARNING VERY GRAPHIC HOT SEX!!!!

Jacob Carter's Last Wish by Adelie King

Rated: AO • 13 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Jacob Carter is dying of cancer and wishes Sam married before he dies and she has only one suitor she could can possibly marry but the military won't allow it (takes place 2nd Season during "The Tokra")

The Break In by Adelie King

Rated: AO • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A burglary at Samantha Carter's house stirs up trouble for her and Jack O'Neill as well as the SGC

Colorado Belle by ziva

Rated: AO • 0 Reviews
Summary: Until the stranger came to town, Samantha Carter thought she would never have what she truly wanted.

Perdido (Revised) by Eluminadia

Rated: AO • 14 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Jack is lost on a strange planet and a beautiful, mysterious woman saves his life. Can he protect her from what she fears the most?

The Ladie's Locker Room by Adelie King

Rated: AO • 2 Reviews
Summary: Jack O'Neill loses track of time while in the shower and the ladies come in including Samantha Carter and he has no means of escape....

In the Dark by Adelie King

Rated: AO • 0 Reviews
Summary: Jack and Sam get captured by the Goa'uld which leads them to inappropriate interactions and habits...

Cheyenne Mountain by ziva

Rated: AO • 1 Reviews
Summary: When Bob Kinsey tries to take over the cattle business in the small town of Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, only one man can stop him.  AN:  This is a parody using SG characters in roles you may not expect. 

Beautiful Companion by ziva

Rated: AO • 0 Reviews
Summary: This one's a sort of fantasy, with more sex than plot, but not a true PWP. It got lost when the site crashed, so here it is again.

No Strings by ziva

Rated: AO • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: What if Jack and Sam had met before SG-1?  I am reposting this, as it was lost when the site crashed.  Sorry you had to wait to read it.

Living In 1969 by ziva

Rated: AO • 0 Reviews
Summary: What might have happened to SG-1 if the two solar flares in Hammond's note had been nine months apart?

Needs by Jaam95

Rated: 13+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Janet Fraiser has all that she could ask for; a beautiful daughter, a great job and lovely friends. But there is something she is missing from her life. Can Daniel help fill the void?

Truth or Dare by Jaam95

Rated: 13+ • 0 Reviews Round robin
Summary: Stuck in an elevator, there is nothing to do, right? How about in Jack's Cabin? Waiting for the president? A bunch of one shots about SG1 playing truth or dare...warning: cruelty to each other!

There Should Always Be Cake by lilferret

Rated: 13+ • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Daniel and Cassie were whispering conspiratorially to each other, Janet was obviously trying not to laugh, and Teal'c was looking as smug as Jack.  They never failed to amaze her.