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Penname: T L Kay [Contact] Real name: Tabitha Kronenwetter
Member Since: 2007.09.03
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Hi, my name is Tabitha Kronenwetter, i am 20 and a hard-core Stargate fan. i'm one of those people that sits around with other fans for hours on end discussing every little detail of what happened in an episode.

i'm a hardcore shipper, for SG1 it's Jack/Sam and Daniel/Vala for me (Daniel and Vala couldn't be more perfect for each other if they tried). for Atlanits it's Ronon/Teyla and John/Elizabeth. there are lots of people who try and say that there's something between John and Teyla, and to those people i say "have you ever watched the show!?!?" there's no way you can watch John and Elizabeth's interaction and not see that they're in love unless you're blind. but that is a discussion for another day.

I write cause i can't help but do it. writing is like breathing for me, it just happens. i don't just write fan fics, i've actually written two novels and am working on my third. i'm working on setting up an online journal thing for them and when i do i strongly encourage (and by that i mean beg) you to check it out and give me feedback, i'm starved for feedback.

well that's about it. shoot me a line if you like my stories. i love hearing from new people!
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